Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tease

Well, Charlotte's website just got some much needed updates. So, if you're feeling a little lusty and want a teaser for Lust, the first book of the Sins and Virtues series, then head on over. There's also a little teaser from my upcoming novella, Perfumed Pleasure that is the Pleasure Garden anthology with fellow authors Kristi Cook and Amanda McIntyre.

So, check out all the new updates like news, and covers and excerpts.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mists of Velvet Excerpt!

Hi guys!
Well, Sophie has some website updates, and a little glimpse of Mists of Velvet. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The House of Orpheous

It seems as though I've been gone forever, and I have by the looks of this blog. Where has the time gone? Summer just flew by, and I was home, just writing. I thought I should drop by the manor and do a bit of dusting. I'm sure cobwebs and spiders, and other frightening things are lurking in the curtains!

So, it's fall, and my favourite time of year. I love being able to wear a sweater outside, and to smell the crisp air and see the leaves change. I love the autumn skies as a storm begins to form. So it's no wonder then that I have set my first mainstream, mass market historical trilogy in the autumn.

I've never written a book set in the fall. Addicted took place in Winter, Sinful, in the Spring, and Lust takes place during that 'lusty' time of Beltane (May 1) But the first book in The House of Orpheous trilogy, entitled Seduction and Scandal is set in October. And I must admit, I'm loving writing it. The atmosphere is dark and gothic. The clothing so cool and fun to write--cloaks and heavy gowns...rippling lace and the gentle cascade of falling leaves upon half boots. It's my kind of book!

So, while I've not been gone over the summer I have been--arm chair research to the North Yorkshire Moors and its coast. The coastal town of Whitby has taken hold of me, and as this series is set in the Victorian period (1870's) there is a great deal of the gothic occult that is being filtered through.

My husband, daughter and I will be travelling to North Yorkshire next May, where I hope to be inspired for a new series. And you can bet that the first sign of a storm, we'll be heading to Whitby to see the ruined abbey--the very same one that inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula.

Soon, I hope to have something special on my website about this trilogy. But sooner than that, I'll be putting out a newsletter with all my news, and upcoming treats.

I hope all is well with you, and that fall brings you peace, joy, and comfort. There is nothing more luring than the thought of a quiet afternoon on the couch with book in hand, and a warm blanket....

I hope you enjoy the inspiring pictures of Yorkshire and Whitby. Come back for an intriguing glimpse of Lord Black, the mysterious, worldly hero in Seduction and Scandal.


Monday, May 17, 2010


Just a word of thanks for all the wonderful emails, reviews, and overall response for Sinful. It means so much to me to hear from readers. I'm overwhelmed by the support for this book, and the love so many readers have shown to Matthew and Jane. I swear, I have the best readers! An author could not wish for better!

I've been asked what I'm working on next, and the answer is, a bunch of stuff. I haven't been around for a while because I'm buried beneath three deadlines--all due June 1! :0

Lust, the hero of my first book in my Sins and Virtue series has kept me quite busy. Lust changed from a hunky, light sort of guy, to a darker, dangerous, more dominant type of Dark Fey. sigh....I just can't get away from writing those dark heroes! ;)
Here's Lust's inspiration....

For the Sophie Renwick fans, I'm busy writing book 2 of the Immortal of Annwyn series. Mists of Velvet is the title, and I'm excited to be back in the Annwyn world. In this book, the hunt for the Destroyer deepens, the prophecy further develops, and we spend some time learning about the order of the goddesses. That book releases in Feb 2011

So, lots of writing, and I'm not sure when I'll be back here, but I wanted to take some time out to thank you for picking up a copy of Sinful, and making its release a success!

Be Well!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Here!!!

It's Sinful Saturday! YEAH!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for this release, it's felt like a long time coming! Thanks to everyone who followed my blog and ate up the Sinful crumbs I left!

So, as promised, the extended epilogue for Sinful is now available. Go to www.charlottefeatherstone.net and you'll see a white square box on my homepage. In that box there is news, and how to sign up for the epilogue. It's easy, just subscribe to my newsletter and you'll get the epilogue. I promise not inundate your inbox with stuff. I only send out a quarterly newsletter, or something special to announce the release of a new book, but that's all--oh, and there's usually a contest in it!

So, please do enjoy Sinful, and the epilogue. And remember, there's bound to be a few a typos. All my fault! When a book goes out, at least four sets of eyes have been through it at least three times. But this time, I didn't have the benefit of extra eyes! As well, be warned MAJOR spoilers in the epilogue, so if you haven't read Sinful, you might want to wait to read the epilogue!

Be well, and thanks for all the support! I hope you love Wallingford and Jane's story as much as I do!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sinful Interview

Sorry due to his lordship's inability to work a computer, the Sinful interview with Wallingford is temporarily delayed. News will be up soon as to when you can expect Lord Wallingford to make an appearance!