Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Want some Sinful?

Look what Barbara made me!Isn't it gorgeous?

You know y'all want one!!! Feel free to take him, too!!!!

Barbara is sooo talented! For authors and bloggers, check out her design site and portfolio! Designs by Barbara

Happy Hump day!!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm late...I'm late, for a very important date!!!!!

ACK! OMG, where did the month of December go? I owe you guys some hunks and Amazon gift cards! lol! I'm so sorry guys! I have an arm length of excuses, but mostly, it's because of the day job, and working over Christmas. It took me much longer to prepare for it, and I used the beginning of Decemeber to do it, to ensure my family would have a good Christmas while I was working those 12hr shifts. And also, in that time, I got a three book contract with Harelquin's HQN imprint, for mass market Historicals! I've been trying to break into mass market forever, and I finally did!!!! So, I spent a lot of time with my agent and new editor, discussing facts, and time slipped away. And did I tell you that final copy edits arrived the 19th of December for Sinful!!!! yeah. They did...sigh....and I devoted all my brain power to the bad boy who is Lord Wallingford.

So this all means, that I haven't had sufficent time to oogle all that man candy you sent me. Rest assured, I'll be getting to that, and announcing the winners on Monday Jan 4th, right after the new year!

In other news, I have coverflats for Sinful. If you're interested in a signed flat, let me know at and leave your address, and I'll send one out to you!!

Okay, coffee is in hand, and I'm off to study those hunks. Sorry to be late on this guys, but I haven't forgotten!!!!! Feel free to bring out the tomatoes and start pelting me with them!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Got Men?

Okay, so I've got my collage done for the Sins and Virtues series...well, almost done. You see, I have two blank spots, potentially three. The sad, but honest truth is, I need men!!! Hot, sexy men. Men who could embody the seven cardinal sins, plus be gorgeous, mind blowing Fey princes. No small order, eh!?

Can you believe it? I can't find any men!!!!

What do I need these men for? Inspiration...not to mention a man candy character gallery for the Sins and Virtues webpage that my designer is going to begin working on.

Thus far, I have...

Niall, the Unseelie King and the Harbinger of Wrath. I'm not sure that Niall is going to be sandy blond, but this guy expression says it all. 'I've been screwed over and I'm going to make someone pay'. It's Niall for sure...

Rinion, Harbinger of Vanity
. Again, not usually liking the blonde type hero, and this dude is a little lean, but hey, he's got that cocky, 'I'm so pretty and every woman falls to my boots, begging it for it' kind of look.

Kian, Harbinger of Envy. This guy is kind of lean, too, but he totally has that covetous vibe coming off him, and that's Kian. He's bad and dangerous to know, and he's ULTRA possessive.

Irian, Harbinger of Sloth. Mmmm, what I can say. If sloth consists of lying in the sheets with him all day, then I shall commit sin, and thoroughly enjoy doing so!

Thane, Harbinger of Lust. I like this guy. He's dark, got a good build, but I'm just not certain that he's Lust. Thane has an edge to him, a darkness he likes to keep hidden beneath his suave, sensual facade. He's Envy's twin brother, so there's no denying that there's darkness there. Not sure that this guy really carries it off. What do you think?

Okay, so now you know the men I's what I need....

Maeron, Harbinger of Greed. Think of some gorgeous, magical creature without a care for others. He takes and never gives. He wants riches, at any costs. He wants to horde, to take and take...until, of course he meets his virtue...

Avery, Harbinger of Avarice. Or better known as Gluttony. Please, no corpulent fellows! These are, after all, highly sexual and sensual Fey princes. Think party-boy here. The more the better...more drink, food, gambling, women....the ultimate pleasure seeker.

So, what's in it for you besides searching the net for hot men?

Whoever sends me the winning picture of Greed and Avarice each win a $25 gift card to Amazon. (Or a Visa gift card; but I'm Canadian, so if you're a Canadian winner, and you'd prefer a Visa gift card, just holler. My US friends...not sure a Canadian Visa gift card is going to work over there!)

And, if someone can find a better representation of Lust, they can have a signed copy of any of Charlotte's or Sophie's books! Your pick. Sinful and Velvet Haven excepting of course! ;)

So, deadline to post a link, or picture on my blog, or my email of is Nov 30. Winners announced here on Dec 1, with the winning picture, and prizes sent out right after that, for arrival in time for a little Christmas cheer!!! And just as an aside, if you're posting to the pic to the blog, try not to have full nudity...I know I'm an erotic writer, but yeah, mum might be lurking! lol!

Contest open to all and feel free to spread the news of the man hunt...

Happy hunting....hmmm, suddenly I have that song in my head...'I'm going a man hunt...

Good luck to all!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tis The Season

Hi all!
I'm over at The Season today, (a FAB new site for historicl romances!!!) talking about A Highlander Christmas, and giving away a copy.

Come have a peek, Beverly has created a really warm and inviting world, with a lot of really great historicals!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lust and Lace!

A strange combination to be certain, epecially when both things pertain to men! lol!
So, you might be wondering what the heck? But I as Charlotte) am very happy and proud to say that I have finally fully developed my Sins and Virtues series, but more importantly, I've pin-pointed exactly what the Unseelie Court of my Fey princes look like! Which was no small feat!

One of the reasons I wanted to set the S&V series in the late Georgian period was because in my mind, Fey princes went about in elborately embroidered vests and frock coats with lace jabots and cuffs. It can be extremely difficult making a man dressed in lace (no court shoes with heels for my Fey, thanks!)masculine, alpha, and sexually dominant. But I have such a damn fascination with the frock coat.

My Unseelie Court is decadent, opulent with a heavy dose of sensuality. Think silks, brocades and velvets in black, plum, burgandy, gold...heavy, dark, thick like a cloud of opium. No opium for my Fey, though, they prefer those elixirs that are naturally occuring!

This past weekend, I finally found some visuals and I made my collage board as I do for all my 'series' ideas. (One day, I'll take a picture of my study and you can see them. I have one for Annwyn, and now this one. I've already taken down the one for Addicted and Sinful!)I have found a great number of Georgian period clothing for both my heroine and Fey prince on the net. It's been great fun dressing them, and designing the Unseelie Court. The mortal realm, I'm afraid, is rather fixed in history. Palladian styles, symmetrical gardening, and furniture arrangements, and court dress, which meant men did indeed wear shoes encrusted with heels and gems! I can't muck with that, but the Unseelie Court...that was a free for all. I kind of took my favorites and threw them into the pot; medieval, medieval fantasy, gothic, etc...

I also wrote that exciting first scene, when my prince of Lust finally discovers his virtue's ONE weakness. I'll be interested in hearing from readers what they think about how he goes about exploiting that one weakness!

I'm in the process of filling out the Art Fact Sheet for the cover. Knowing what Spice gave me for Addicted and Sinful, I'm postitively panting to see what they come up with for Lust. I think the title is staying the same.

So, Lust is schedule for release in Feb 2011, and Vanity in April 2012.
I am working on more Charlotte stuff, and hopefully I'll have more through the year to release to tide you over.

Anyway, Sinful and Velvet Haven are ALL done. The dedications are made, the final proofs are finished, and now it's on to new projects. I hope you guys won't mind coming along for the ride with me as I write the Sins and Virtues series.

Now, I'm off to Lust, who has just transformed into a thin, vaporous--aromatic cloud. He's made his way to Chastity, and has just begun to wrap himself around her exposed bosom, in those scandalously low cut, corseted Georgian gowns.....

BTW, I love frock coats, and the hint of lace cuff that dangles on a very large, masculine, and highly skilled hand...what of you? What is your favorite male garment, from any era?

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Holy crap, this is me! I don't smoke, so insert chocolate bar, and I'm not on Prozac but I'm willing to give it a shot! lol!

I'm utterly frazzled and do apologize for being AWOL for a bit. What's up with me...let's see. Hubby was ill for three weeks with H1N1...yeah, HUGE pain in the ass. But he was really sick, and didn't really bug the hell out of me like he usually does when he's sick. Guess he was really too ill to whine. Now that he's on the mend, he's being a PITA (pain in the ass)!

I received page proofs today for Velvet Haven, with a return date yeah, well, that's not happening. I just finished up page proofs for Sinful. I'm supposed to be thinking of book 2 in the Immortals of Annwyn series, while waiting not so patiently to hear about a historical proposal that has gone to acquisitions at HQN. yeah...well, that's not going so well, the waiting and the creativity. Doesn't really mix. To top it all off, my tween decided to alter her personality this past week, and is now an obnoxious twit..... I've considered holing up in the bathroom, but there's an obscene amount of laundry overflowing from the hamper. So, I decided to moan and groan to you guys instead!

Phew...okay, rant done. So, what's everyone up to? And could someone recommend a really good read to me. Only stipulation...gotta be hussy approved. Anything else, and I'm open.

Monday, November 2, 2009

They're Here....

A Highlander Christmas and Winter's Desire are releasing today! YEAH!!!! And I've got a few things in the works to promote them. First, myself and Krist as well as Amanda would like to invite you to the 48hr LIT party at Lust In Time. We're giving away cool prizes, and a grand prize. Pop on over and join in the festivities. As well, eHarlequin is giving a 4$ off copon for either an ebook or paperback copy of Winter's Desire. That coupon is good all month long.

Next, Prince Daegan, the Sidhe hottie from A Highlander Christmas is over at Leontine's Book Realm. He's puffed up and ready to, and proud as can be because he's part of the 'beef cake' club!

Pop on over and meet him and enter for a chance to win a signed copy of A Highlander Christmas.

As well, Sophie and Charlotte will both be over at Lovin Me Some Romance. I'll be chatting about the inspiration for both these series, plus giving away signed copies of Winter's Desire as well as A Highlander Christmas.

So, come one, come all! I'd love to see you there!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sinful Wallingford

Well, remember I told you my webmistress was going to post site updates, and an excerpt for Sinful? Well, she's got busy with designs, and updates will be delayed. But a promise is a promise, so here's the new excerpt.

I had a devil of a time picking one, so in the end, I turned to the only other soul on the Earth who has read Sinful, my editor. She picked out the excerpt, knowing that you guys would adore Wallingford here. So.....without further adieu, here's Wallingford...

Here's the set up: Wallingford, being Wallingford has found himself in the seedy part of London, where it doesn't really go all that well for him. He's been battered and bruised and his head and eyes are bandaged. Our heroine, Jane, is his nurse......

“Water,” the angel’s voice whispered, chasing away the old memories. He felt his head being lifted and cradled in a supple arm as something pressed softly against his lips, which felt swollen and cracked, and he winced. Immediately his head began to throb in a relentless pulsation.

Disoriented, unable to see, he shook off the hold and clamped his mouth shut. Where was he? He struggled to get out the words, but they came out a growl that was incomprehensible.

“You’re safe. It’s only water.”

The voice was soft, lyrical, with a hint of sensuality to it. It was a woman’s voice, throaty and beckoning, yet held a measure of authority that forced him to sip at the water which was tepid.

She tried to get him to drink more, but he refused, and finally she released him back against the pillow which cradled his head. The scent of her rushed over him as she bent down, fluffing the pillow and pulling up the sheet high on his chest. Soap. He inhaled again, discovering the essence, tasting it. She smelt clean—pure. Not overpowering as so many women did, with their flowery oils and perfumes.
He liked the way this woman smelt. Simple, yet enticing.

When she was about to pull away, he clasped her wrist, holding her still against him. He heard her gasp, felt her pulse quicken beneath his thumb.
For a moment he welcomed the feel of her, the heat of her body so close to his, the scent of her. What a novelty, for he hated the feeling of being smothered by another.

“Sir, you will re-injure yourself.”

The voice, still soft and beckoning was laced with a huskiness that belied her words.

“Where am I?” he asked, while he licked his dry lips.

“London College Hospital,” she replied as she tried to extract herself from his hold.

“Who are you?” He gripped her tighter, pulling her down lower until he could smell the starch in her clothes, and the delicate scent of feminine sweat beneath the scent of her bathing soap.


The word exploded in his brain. Such a simple word. Such a plain name. Yet for all its simplicity and its single syllable, Matthew could not help but repeat it in his thoughts and marvel at how exotic and sensual her name could sound on his tongue.

“Jane,” he whispered her name, liking the resonance when murmured in his deep voice. He liked the sensuality of it said in a dark whisper of longing. Jaaaane….he drew out the syllable, allowing it to echo within the confines of his aching brain.

“Your name?”

He fought through the fog, trying to replay the events of the night, and instead he got lost in her voice once again, tripping along in his blindness, and mental fog, waiting to hear her speak to him.

“What is your name, sir? Can you not remember it?”

Licking his lips once more, he savoured the way her voice washed over his body like honey dripping from a spoon—slowly, in golden, hypnotising rivulets, unravelling in soothing waves.

Christ, what the devil had they given him to make him think such queer thoughts?
“Sir?” she asked, concern taking away a measure of the sensuality he had heard.
“Matthew,” he finally admitted. He heard her breath stop for the tiniest second. She knew. He was not simply a man, but an aristocrat. No aristocrat gave his Christian name—not when their identity revolved around a title. He didn’t know why he didn’t give her his title. The fog, he thought, that was the reason he was not thinking clearly. Perhaps, though, he wanted to be someone else—anyone else—here with this woman whose name alone aroused him.

“Matthew, will you release me? My back is hurting.”

It was the shock that freed her. He had not heard his Christian name in years. He’d been ten the last time anyone had uttered it. He had always only been Wallingford, or my lord. Never Matthew. The intimacy of it rocked him, aroused him until he felt his cock stir, filling with need. He had released her as though she were fire and he was singed.

“You’ve taken a very bad blow to your head. Do you remember anything at all about your attack?”

“I recall your voice,” he murmured. Intimacy swelled up once more between them, and he searched for her hand that lay in the wrinkles of the sheet. “You spoke to me.”

“Yes, when the doctor was helping you.”

“Come closer.” Desire made his voice thick, “you are much too far away.”
He felt the mattress dip slightly, heard the crinkle of fabric and petticoats as she arranged her skirts. He felt the weight of all that fabric as it pressed against his thigh.

“There now, is that better?”

“No.” He reached for her, pulling her by her wrist until he felt the edge of her bodice graze his chest. The warmth of her skin met his, and she gasped, steadying herself with her hand against his shoulder.

She was too close, his brained warned, but his body over-ruled logical thought, and wanted her closer, until her breasts were crushed against him, and his mouth was buried in her throat.

“Sir, release me.”

“Jane…” he released his hold and brought his hand up, connecting with what felt like a soft, plump cheek. She had ample time to retreat from him, but even with his blindness, he could see that she moved closer. “Jane,” he murmured again, not understanding this strange fascination with her name, or the sound of it coming from his mouth. She held still, although he heard her breathing change from slow and steady to shallow, unsteady rasps as he caressed her cheek, the tip of her nose, her full mouth that inflamed him.

He discovered her with his fingertips, painting her in his mind’s eye. Her cheeks were full, her face narrow and her nose little, the tip slightly pointed. Her skin was smooth, like warm butter, her lips full and pouting. He moved his hand upwards, to trace the contours of her eyelids, but she inched back, evading his touch, which exposed her throat, and the swell of her breasts. His hand fell away from her face and glided down her throat to the apex of her heart which beat furiously beneath the stiff fabric of her gown. Her breasts were high, full, soft, and the sound she made, part cry, part surrender had him stirring beneath the sheets.

“You…you’ve had an injury,” she stammered as he traced the contours of her breast over her gown, “you’re confused.”

Yes. He was confused. He wanted to touch her. To learn her, and her lush form. He wanted her to touch him despite the fact he hated to have his flesh stroked. He wanted to stay like this, with his hand roaming over her.

“Matthew,” she gasped, pulling away, “this is most unseemly.”

“Stay, Jane.” A beat of silence whispered between them.

“All right. But you must promise that you will sleep.”

“And what if I dream of you?” he asked, as he searched for her hand, and found her fingers trembling.

“You won’t,” she said in a quiet voice he knew he wasn’t supposed to hear. “Men don’t dream about women like me.”

He tried to reply—wanted—to say something, but the blow to his head, combined with the alcohol he had consumed swiftly robbed him of speech. He was asleep, struggling to return to Jane and her angel’s voice.

How long he slept, he could not say. He only awakened for brief moments when Jane would rouse him, and ask him his name. Carefully she would check the bandage that wrapped around his head and eyes. Gently she would cover him up, and whisper to him that it was all right to return to sleep.
And always he would reach for her, grasping at her wrist, tugging her down beside him until he could feel the outline of her thigh against his.

“Stay with me, Jane,” he mumbled hours later as he clasped her small hand to his chest.

“I cannot,” she replied quietly. “The dawn has arrived.”

“I despise the morning,” he murmured as he traced the satiny nails of her fingers with his fingertips. “I am a creature of darkness, whose element is night and shadows. I belong in the dark with the other sinful creatures.”
She caressed his cheek, and he did not flinch and shrink away in revulsion. Instead, he savoured that gentle touch, eating it up like a starving man given a few scraps of bread. Why had he admitted such a thing? Christ he was making himself vulnerable. Instantly he regretted saying those words, that secret truth. He never wanted to be weak, never wanted to show anyone that there was a chink in his armor. Yet there was something about this woman, this female he could not even see that invited his trust, that lured the demon within him.

He clutched her tight as she pulled away, trying to keep her with him. “I will return tonight, Matthew.”

“Then I will sleep until you do, and then, Jane, I will stay awake the night with you.”

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Winner of Winter's Desire and Website Updates

Hi gang!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! The bird is in the oven, the weather is gorgeous and I'm excited to give away a copy of Winter's Desire, as well as to let you know about some updates.

Ok, so, the winner of Winter's Desire is.....


As picked by the ten year old kidlet. She's the official 'picker' for contests, and the 'hat' is a trusted old Dale Earnhardt hat.

Congratulations, Leontine! Email me at with your address. And to those that didn't win, stick around and come by the blog because I'm going to give away another copy of Winter's Desire, AND Highlander Christmas on the day that I announce the official, never before seen excerpt of Sinful!!! So, check back.

In the meantime, Sophie has website updates to tell you about. There's reviews for A Highlander Christmas up there, and as well, an alternate ending from Velvet Haven that didn't make it into the book, as well as a second excerpt. It's loooong and a bit steamy, and is available as a download. So, enjoy it!!!!!

Also, I've uploaded an Annwyn Glossary for you to have a glimpse of the world and some of the language...

So, Annwyn glossary is on the 'extra' page when you hit the link for 'Enter Annwyn', also you can reach the alternate ending from the page as well. For the excerpt, hit books, and you'll see Velvet Haven's cover. There's all the excerpts there for you.

I'm looking forward to what readers think from the excerpts. Picking excerpts can be so hard. You want to entice, but you don't want to give too much away!!! I really hope you enjoy it. And if you're waiting for Wallingford, he'll be making his appearance sometime in the coming week!

happy reading, guys!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bright Star, Watery Eyes

I love words. The profoundness of them intrigues me. I like to use them to best effect, for language, as much as a touch or caress has the ability to strike fear, rage, pain, sadness, euphoria, arousal, happiness into our souls. We remember touch, or our first kiss, the memories may fade over time, but words...words never fade. They are tucked away in our memories, still as loud as when we first heard them.

I am not a poet. I prefer novels, always have. But in high school, I discovered two poets, whose ability to use words to convey so many emotions, thoughts and feelings drove me to read everything they had ever penned. I have a fascination with them, and am proud to say own two antique copies of their entire works. Those two poets were Byron and Keats.

I adore them both for different reasons. Keats, I love his passion, the vulnerability he conveys and his gorgeous, lush descriptions. I chose him for the poet that Lindsay and Anais read, mostly because of Keats impassioned, hopeless love for his neighbor, Fanny.

On page 197 in Addicted, Lindsay quotes part of a love letter written by John Keats to Fanny. I think it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.

"I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for religion-- I have shuddered at it. I shudder no more-- I could be martyred for my religion-- love is my religion. I could die for that. I could die for you."

Ugh, just so impassioned and if you knew his whole story, that he did indeed, die a young man, the words only become more profound.

And just the other day, I discovered this gorgeous movie about John and Fanny's love affair. The movie is called Bright Star, and let me tell you, if you can see it, you should. At the very least, watch the trailer. I needed Kleenex, just as a warning!

I posted this as well on my Charlotte site, hopeing to spread the news about this gorgeous movie!
Happy Friday, everyone. Let me know what you think of the movie, or trailer.
And, don't forget to enter to win a copy of Winter's Desire.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who's feeling lucky?

I've got a copy of Winter's Desire here to give away. Just leave a comment to be entered. I'll pick the lucky winner on Saturday!

Good luck!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Found Him!!!!

Okay, so I'm feeling better because I'm trolling the internet looking for hot guys. Hubby, though is still in the recliner moaning and groaning! ;)

So, remember that I was hunting for an inspiring picture for the Fey Prince that will encompass the cardinal sin of 'Envy' for Charlotte's Sins and Virtue series?

Well, I found him...take a peek!

Okay, he's a little leaner then I imagine, but that look on his face!!!! It's utterly perfect for Envy who is VERY envious of his virtue who is being wooed by a gorgeous Seelie Fey. The Seelie are the good Fey, the Unseelie, the bad boys. And Envy is a baaaad boy who is hoping like heck that he can get his virtue, who is named Mercy to believe that bad is really, really good!!!!

So, this is how it's going to break down for the Sins and Virtues. Lust is the first book, Jan or Feb 2011, followed by Vanity. Envy will be third.

Oh, and in other news...just sent website updates to my webmistress for Sophie. Included in those, is a new excerpt for Velvet Haven, and a deleted/altnernate ending for the extra's section! I'll let you know when the updates are done.

Next week will be Charlotte's update, and hold on your to OFFICIAL Lord Wallingford excerpt. A proper one!!!!!

So, whatcha think, will this guy do it for you as the Unseelie Fey Prince Envy?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This is me....

Or rather the entire family. OMG, we've got a horrible flu. The aches....awful!
So, I've been hanging low, and will be for a few more days judging from how I feel this morning.

I'll be back posting and emailing in a few days.
Hope everyone else is staying healthy...this virus really kicks butt! Even the dogs are staying clear of us!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's New?

My blog header!!!
Rae Monet, my web designer took both website headers and blended them for me. I like it!

So now, Charlotte and Sophie have one combined blog. This is where I'll post all things Sophie and Charlotte.

I hope that's okay with readers. I found keeping up with two blogs really, really hard, and much of my readership is crossover from both genres and pseudonymns.

So, if you're only signed up for The Quill and Inkwell (Charlotte's blog) you'll notice that you're now beinging re-directed here. It's still me, though!

Hope you enjoy the new home!

In other news, I just came back from a day of shopping. Got myself some really cool heels. I love heels. I have too many, but heck....what's another pair.
Also dropped off some Highlander Bookmarks at the bookstore, and spent some time perusing the romance section. Here's what I got.

I can't wait to read them. I can't decide what to read first, Covet by Jr Ward, or Highland Dragon. Or maybe I'll putter away at the historical proposal I've been working on over the weekend. I'll give you a hint, it involves that poem I wrote about Death a few weeks ago....

Just finished Lisa Kleypas' new story, and I loved, loved Harry the hero. Totally got me out of my reading funk!

So what about you guys, any major shopping lately? Book hauls?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pre-Order PC

Well, I don't know if this is correct form, and politically correct and all that stuff, but a struggling writer has to do what she can to garner not only notice for her books, but also sales of those books. The days of 'grooming' an author are kind of pase. So, here I am selling my my book, Velvet Haven which has gone up for pre-order on Amazon and

Now, I know it's months, and months away, but I just got word that my publisher and I won't be going to contract for book 2 in the Immortals of Annwyn series till they find out the number of pre-orders. In layman's terms that means, 'if the bookstore pre-orders are good, we'll go to contract, if not, we'll see what sales are like'.

This is pretty standard in the industry, and it's more prevalent today because of the economy. Any way you slice it, the writers wants to get contracts, and the publisher has the desire, and the right to expect to make a profit.

So, if you had any intentions at all of buying Velvet Haven, would you consider pre-ordering a copy? And just to seduce you, Velvet Haven does kind of end with a cliff hanger! Think of the mutiny I'll have on my hands if I don't get to write book 2!!!

Ok, politicially incorrect post is now over, not to be re-posted! If you're interested in pre-ordering the links are below.

And thanks for letting me pimp...



Friday, September 18, 2009

This Is Me Today...

Well, add blonde hair and a unspecified amount of poundage, and you'd have me! :)

But, in essence, I'll be doing something like this. Since I've been writing, I've used my advances to pay for some promotional items for the books, but mostly, I've got down our debt. By ridding ourselves of credit cards and such, it's allowed me to move down from full time, to very minimal part time as a nurse. I love this. It makes me feel *almost* like a full time writer~which has always been my goal. One thing I've not done with my writing money, is to splurge on myself. I have this very weird idea that it is better to do for others and myself, something that drives the hubby nuts.

So, today, I'm being selfish. I'm indulging. I told myself that if I ever got Velvet Haven right, and if I survived writing it, I'd treat myself to a spa day. So that's what I'm doing. I've got an entire afternoon of a facial, hot parafin wax pedicure, reflexiology, and a warm stone aromatherapy massage!!!! I can't wait. I'm planning on just sitting there, relaxing, not thinking of anything. I know though, that a few ideas will take root for book ideas etc....but I'm not going to let anything jump in my way of indulging in a few hours of me time.

I'm thinking this is gonna be a great way to kick off the weekend. What about you guys? Weekend plans? Favorite personal indulgence?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Revelry

Well,hope everyone had a kick butt weekend!!! I had a little to much weekend revelry myself. But it was fun, and much needed after my year of non-stop writing.

We had some friends over, good food, good wine, too much get the drift. We played cards, listened to music--waaay too loud, and crawled into bed at 3 am. By 9 the next morning, hubby and I were lamenting that we are getting MUCH too old for this sort of carousing!

Anyway, this song, by some good old Canadian boys got major play time that night!!! I wonder what the minister and his wife thought who live next door????

Burn It To The Ground

Anyone do anything fun this weekend? Read anything good that you want to share?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Yuletide Enchantment

My favourite little Dryad came up for air this weekend, and brought me a new widget for A Highlander Christmas!
Isn't it grand? WOW, I can't believe there's only THAT many days left till Nov 1...BRRR

Anyway, thanks again to my Dryad, and help yourself if you'd like the widget! GAWD I think that's a hot Highlander!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hussy Alert! Highlander Christmas Excerpt~Day Three

Hey Hussies. Here's a little tease for you! Happy reading!

In an ancient grove of oaks, the moonlight shimmered through the naked tree branches. The air was warm and soft, much too warm for a winter’s night. It should have been cold and biting, yet as it passed through the thin material of Isobel’s lace nightgown and wrapper the faint breeze was a welcome caress.

Surrounding the grove were megaliths, tall standing stones that formed a circle around the wood, lending it a pagan air that suited the eve of the winter solstice. This was not where she had first seen her stag, yet there was something familiar about it too that pulled at her memory. It was as if she had been here before, a long, long time ago.

She walked in silence, the pearls sewn into her white gown glinting in the moonlight. It was pure magic, this grove, like something out of a fairytale. At the end of the path was a stone slab that had been made into some sort of altar. Covering it was a beautiful blue velvet cloth embroidered with a gold triscale like the one embossed on the pouch Daegan had worn. There was also a tall pewter cup that resembled a chalice, and a dirk that was curved and imprinted with strange markings. Mindlessly she traced her fingers over the scrolling etched on the blade. Everything felt mystical and otherworldly. So strange yet so enticing, she thought as she walked around the altar, her fingers brushing the velvet of the cloth.

Why was she here? Was she dreaming?

Her heart beat faster with every step. Suddenly the stag appeared in the circle, his hide glistening in a shaft of moonlight. He made not a sound, but turned and walked away. She followed it into a darker part of the wood, where it disappeared between two oaks. When she stepped between the trees, she found herself back in the grove, only this time Daegan was leaning against the altar, his legs crossed at the ankle, his arms crossed over his chest. He was watching her intently, his gaze straying over her body as the thin gown and wrapper molded against her breasts and thighs.

“Good eve, Isobel,” he said, his voice husky and enthralling. She felt herself go liquid at the sound of his deep voice. “I have been waiting for the moon to rise so that you could come to me. And now, you are here, looking lovely by the silver light.”

“You were not here a moment ago,” she said, looking around the grove for a glimpse of the stag.

“Aye, I was here, watching you.”

She shivered, not liking the feeling of being studied unaware. “Am I sleeping? I must be, for there is snow on the ground, and the branches creak and move as though the wind is blowing between them, but I feel none of it.”

He came toward her and reached for her hand, pulling her deeper into the circle. He stood close to her, his fingers tracing the outline of her cheek. “Do you believe in the Otherworld, Isobel? That alongside your world, another exists?”

She looked around wonderingly. There was no denying that it was different from her world. But this was a dream. In sleep, magic could prevail. In reality, it didn’t exist.

“You are in Annwyn, the Celtic Otherworld. It is separated from the mortal realm by the thinnest of veils. This sacred grove is the gate to our world. It is called the Cave of Cruachan, or the entrance to the Otherworld.”

She stared at him in disbelief. “None of this can be real. It must be some fantastical dream.” She smiled as she thought of her father reading to them. “Perhaps, like Scrooge, I’ve gone to bed and now I’m having dreams caused by indigestion. The clock has struck midnight and the ghosts will descend. I suppose that would make you the spirit of Christmas Past, wouldn’t it?”

“I’m not a spirit, Isobel. Nor is this a dream,” he murmured, lowering his mouth to hers.

His lips, soft and warm, brushed against hers. She gasped as she felt her own mouth tremble in response. Another brush, then another that was deeper, more hypnotic. Her body responded to his kiss, the way his arms wrapped around her, gathering her close to his chest, which was hard against her soft breasts. The contact of their bodies made her skin tingle with little vibrations that seemed to hum along her nerves.

When Daegan tilted his head and deepened the kiss, Isobel clutched at the edges of his black cloak, her legs weak. When his tongue touched hers, her knees threatened to buckle, but Daegan caught her in his arms, bringing her even closer to his body as he ravaged her mouth with his.

No, Daegan’s kiss was not like the earl’s. The way her body seemed to come alive in his arms was nothing short of magical.

“Isobel,” Daegan murmured as he nuzzled the space beneath her ear. “How can I make you see that this is not a dream? That I am really here with you?”

“Kiss me again,” she whispered. Her body ached for more, more than a kiss, she knew. She might be a virgin, but at one and twenty , she knew of matters between men and women. She knew what she wanted from Daegan. “Please,” she begged, clutching at his shoulders. “I know what I want, and that is you.”

His violet eyes seemed to darken as he once more lowered his head and captured her mouth. This time, though, the carefulness was gone, replaced by a thrilling hunger that fueled her blood.

Daegan was ravenous in his kiss, his lips commanding hers, his tongue dueling with her own. And his hands . . . Good lord, he left no place on her untouched. The edges of her breasts, her hips, her buttocks. She moaned into his mouth when he cupped her bottom in his hands and deepened his kiss, plunging his tongue into her mouth.
She mewled against him, accepting whatever he would give her. When he broke the kiss and pressed his lips against her bounding pulse, she sighed and closed her eyes, allowing herself to indulge in the forbidden pleasure.

“You know not how long I have waited for you,” he groaned as his lips brushed her throat. “In Annwyn time moves much slower than in your world. An hour spent here is but a minute in your world. Imagine the torture I have endured waiting.”

She heard what he was saying, but could not focus on the words or make sense of them. She only wanted more, more kisses, more touches. And she wanted those caresses to be on her bare skin.

“Please,” she whispered into his silky hair. “You know what I want, Daegan.”

“Yes. I know what you want, muirnín. And I will give it to you.”

Daegan’s lips and tongue tasted the sweet skin of Isobel’s throat and the swells of her breasts. Her hands were fisted in his hair, clutching and tugging, begging him without words for more.
The way she said his name did strange things to his brain, making him think of nothing other than hearing her shout it as he slid inside her. She whimpered when he pulled at the satin tie of her wrapper. He pulled the garment from her and let it fall to the ground. Then he reached for the sleeve of her night rail, tugging until he revealed one perfect, coral-tipped breast.

“You are so beautiful, Isobel,” he said with reverence ringing in his voice. “You were made to be savored in the moonlight.”

Her passion-glazed eyes met his and she smiled. “Will you savor me, then, Daegan?”

“Aye. Forever.”

He circled her erect nipple with his tongue, making her moan. Her body was warm, flaring to life beneath his hands. In the circle of the grove, his magic spell hovered, keeping out the winter chill and wind. She would be warm in this grove. Protected. She would be his.

Pulling away, he met her gaze. “I must have you, Isobel.” He didn’t wait for her reply, but took her lips hungrily, kissing her with all the need and desire that was swimming in his veins. She felt so soft against him, so right. Her breasts were full and high, and made for his mouth and hands. And her thighs hugged and molded his erection as if she had been designed for him. Everything about her was perfect.
Isobel felt her legs weaken as Daegan started to slide her nightgown down over her hips. His mouth followed the trail of the silk, his lips grazing her skin as he slowly exposed her. With shaking hands she clasped his head in her hands while he kneaded her belly with his mouth, the masculine scent of him wafting up to heighten her senses. Instinctively her fingers curled in his hair, clenching tightly as he nuzzled her curls through her chemise.

His mouth made her crazed. The lust she felt made her dizzy. She wanted him, whatever he would do to her. Even though she was betrothed to St. Clair, she wanted this night with Daegan.

On his knees, he kissed her sex. Hungrily, she clutched at his shoulders. When he lifted her leg and placed it over his shoulder, exposing her, she moaned and raked her fingers through his silky hair. His tongue was hot, wet, scorching her. She should be ashamed of what she was doing, but the pleasure was so great that she shoved the guilt away and enjoyed Daegan’s tongue.

Soon she was scratching her nails down his shoulders, biting her lip to keep from crying out as she began to shake. When the trembling was over, he looked up at her, his eyes dark and unreadable.

“Be with me, muirnín.” He lifted her into his arms as if she weighed nothing more than a feather. “Let me show you what it can be like for us.”

Their gazes met and held, and Isobel saw the hope and hesitation in his eyes before he set her down on a bed that was cushioned with furs. How had it suddenly appeared in the middle of the grove?

A dream, she reminded herself. A lovely, passionate, vivid dream.

“Say that tonight you’ll give yourself to me, Isobel.”

“Yes.” And she would savor the memories of this dream for many, many nights. She wanted this, and she wanted to experience it with Daegan. No man had ever made her feel this way, so conscious of her femininity, of her own desires and needs. She felt beautiful and sensual, and tonight she was going to give in to temptation.
Kneeling, Daegan placed her legs over each of his muscled thighs. His hands, a stark contrast against her pale flesh continued to slide up her sides to cup and squeeze her breasts. “You won’t ever regret this, Isobel,” he vowed, trailing his tongue up her belly. His silky hair tickled the undersides of her breasts, making her skin erupt in gooseflesh.

“I could never regret anything I do with you.” She sighed deeply. How could she regret something that felt this wonderful? Good lord, if she didn’t know better, she would say she loved him. But he was only a dream, no matter how handsome, how powerful. A dream of a lover who was as ensnared by her as she was by him.
His head was atop her breasts, his eyes searching hers through the pale shaft of moonlight. He looked boyish and vulnerable, and infinitely lovable. “Tonight, I will show you why you were made for me.”

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Highlander Excerpt~Day Two!

Well, here we go! This is a fairly short excerpt, with a bit of an introduction to Bran, the hero in Velvet Haven. Daegan, the hero in Yuletide Enchantment is Bran's uncle. Daegan falling in love with a mortal has created chaos in Annwyn, and the Supreme Goddess, Cailleach, is exacting a sacrifice from Daegan for performing a binding fating ceremony with Isobel.

What happens in this scenes, both to Daegan and Bran are important events, and precipitates much of the plot in Velvet Haven. Enjoy a little glimpse of Bran!

It pains me to do this, but as Supreme Goddess, I must. You bring imbalance to Annwyn. The Dark Times will come, and I cannot allow it to happen. You know what will come next?”

“Yes. I will offer you a sacrifice.”

“You will give me adbertos, yes, but I will choose it.”

Nodding, Daegan lowered his head until it almost touched the ground. He was at Cailleach’s feet, humbling himself. But it was for Isobel. For their love. It was right to offer adbertos to Cailleach. It was right to do this for Isobel.

“You have created chaos, upset the balance of our world. You have allowed darkness to creep into a place where only light should rule.”

He accepted the truth. He had done those things, but he had been helpless. The heart and soul knew what they wanted, and his wanted Isobel.

“The consequences will be far-reaching. Annywn will never be the same. You have brought sin where there was never any. Your actions will affect another. Do you realize that? Do you care?”

I will accept his actions as my own.


Daegan looked up to see his nephew emerge from the woods. He was naked and defenseless. But his eyes, they raged. The Unseelie blood in him roiled to the surface, barely tethered. Bran had no need for weapons, not when his black blood was boiling.

“Leave us, Raven,” Cailleach ordered. “This is not your fight.”

“It is not yours, either, but you made it that way.”

“On your knees,” she spat, her eyes narrowing to angry slits. She pointed the tip of the athame to a spot on the ground. “You will pay for that insolence.”

Bran fell to his knees beside Daegan. His mismatched eyes did not betray his emotions.

Cailleach glared at Bran. “You ungrateful dog. Did I not give you what you wished for? Is Morgan not banished to the Wastelands for her crimes against your brother? Did I not give you clues to discover where he has been hidden?”

“You have.”

“Then why are you here instead of searching for Carden?”

“I made a pact with Daegan, and I will see it through.”

“And what did you barter, Raven?”

“My brother for his woman.”

“How dare you interfere in business that does not concern you?”

“He has served you well, my goddess.” Bran reminded Cailleach. “Can you not forgive him this trespass?”

“Perhaps, if he would never see the girl again. But I know, I feel it: He will not leave her be.”

“No,” Daegan murmured, “I will not. Even if I agreed, I could not keep my promise. It is not within my power.”

“Annwyn has no use for a king who is weakened by a mortal.”

“I accept your judgment,” Daegan answered. “I offer you an adbertos, Cailleach, and will abide by what you choose for this sacrifice.”

“As will I,” Bran said. “I will offer you an adbertos as well. With two of us offering sacrifices, you can spare the girl. Our law allows it.”

Cailleach looked momentarily surprised, then she began to circle them once more.
“So be it. Daegan, Prince of the Sidhe, you are forever banned from Annwyn. You will be cursed to live as a mortal, without your magic. Your firstborn male child will be taken from your arms so that your blood might never again rule Annwyn. You will know the pain of mortals. You will mourn. You will die. You will be forever forced to recall what you gave up for your mortal. I hope she will prove worth your sacrifice. Rise.”

Daegan got to his feet and stood to his full height, looking down into Cailleach’s face. “Go now,” she hissed, “never to return.”

His gaze turned to Bran. He felt sorrow for what he had done, but still, if he had the chance to do it all again, he would not have forsaken Isobel.

“Go,” Bran said through gritted teeth, “I will accept what she chooses for me. Go.”
Daegan hesitated and Bran glared at him. “I do this willingly. Go. Love your mortal. Have what I will not—a soul mate.”

Cailleach laughed, a cruel sound that did not hide the pain she kept to herself. “No, Raven, you will not have a soul mate, but you will have something else, something you could not possibly desire.”

As he walked away into the deepest part of the forest, Daegan heard Cailleach’s husky voice chanting an incantation. It was followed by a brilliant flash of white light, then the agonizing roar of Bran’s scream.

“The Legacy Curse is upon you now, Raven,” Daegan heard. “There will be no peace for you, or within you.”

Daegan closed his eyes. He would find a way to break the curse. He would repay his nephew’s sacrifice if it was the last thing he ever did.

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First Excerpt A Highlander Christmas

Hi all!
Okay, here goes. The first excerpt--the meet and greet-- between Isobel and Prince Daegan. As Prince of the Night Sidhe, Daegan can shapeshift, and his beast is a gorgeous White Hart. (Imagine a majestic stag, that's pure white)

In this excerpt, Isobel has gone into the woods at night to search for her hart, after her twin tride to hunt it. This is Isobel meeting Daegan for the first time, in his Hart form....

She’d saddled her mare quickly, retrieved the bag she kept hidden for her secret moonlit rides, and threw on a cloak and scarf, which she secured with her clan pin. Then she charged the short distance to the woods where she tethered her mare to a tree.

Whatever Alistair had said about people going into the woods, never to be seen again, she didn’t care. She needed to find her stag and make sure he had survived the hit from Ewan’s arrow. The hart had consumed her thoughts. The memory of his eyes haunted her. There was an almost human quality to them, and that look he had given her before running off? She didn’t understand it, but it compelled her to find him, to make certain he was still alive.

She didn’t think she had been gone long from the house, but when she looked up and saw the darkening skies over the barren tree tops, she knew she had tarried too long in the forest. But her senses, the same ones that told her to flee, were certain that the white hart was close by.

Carefully she stepped between the exposed roots of the giant oaks, holding on to their trunks for support. The caw of a bird startled her, and she looked up to see an enormous raven lift off the branch of a tall Scotch pine. It circled above her, dipping low, flying between the trees, then circling back. Despite the waning light and the dim moonbeams which could not penetrate through the thick canopy of pines, Isobel saw, or rather felt, the bird’s predatory gaze boring into her.

I only want to see my hart, and then I shall leave this place.

Stumbling over the roots and the thick underbrush of hawthorn, Isobel walked deeper into the woods, conscious of a sense of foreboding that worked its way down her spine.

The raven, she saw, continued to follow her, but he no longer circled her like a hawk circling a mouse. Now he flew from branch to branch, following her progression into the forest, its head cocking with what could only be described as curiosity.

Curiosity had killed the cat.

She hoped tonight she was not the feline in question.

Rounding a group of rowan trees, Isobel stopped abruptly. In a shaft of moonlight, beneath the leafless canopy of an old oak, lay her hart. He was asleep on the ground, hind legs buried beneath his great, muscular hide. His forelegs curled like that of a dog. His head, with the enormous rack, was pillowed on the snow that glistened with crimson drops of blood.

Its eyes flew open, and for seconds, the animal didn’t move. Its hide did not even flicker in agitation. There was nothing to show her that the animal was startled. No evidence that he would run from her.

Creeping forward, she extended a hand, whispering softly, “I won’t hurt you.”

He watched her, his large black eyes following her every move until she was a few steps from him. Then he lunged to his feet. His head dipped low, and she reached out to touch him, running her fingers down the slope of his muzzle. The stag allowed the touch, and she saw his eyes close as if he savored the feel of her fingers on him.

He was incredibly soft, his pelt like silk, the color unlike anything she had seen before. In the daylight he had been white, but in the moonlight he glowed almost silver, an incandescent color that was beautiful and otherworldly. It was as if his pelt absorbed the moonbeams and turned them into glistening crystals.

She studied the rack that Ewan had wanted as a trophy. It was wide and heavy. Awe-inspiring. Capable of impaling her and shredding her to bits. She trembled at the thought of feeling the thrust of his antlers through her chest, and she shrieked when she felt the warm wetness on her hand. When she looked down, she half expected to see her own blood on her palm, but there was nothing there save the stag’s mouth gently nuzzling her hand. Then the flat of his head was in her palm, and he was brushing against her like a kitten. His eyes were closed, nostrils flared, taking in her scent as he pressed closer to her, encouraging her to touch him.

“You are the most beautiful beast I have ever seen,” she whispered as she stroked one of the curling antlers. His hide flickered, shivering, and he lowered his head farther, encouraging another touch. “Such strength and power,” she murmured, “yet grace and gentleness, too.”

His head lifted, and he looked down at her. Standing beside her, his chest broad and lean, he dwarfed her with his size. He was any hunter’s prize kill, yet the thought of this magnificent animal slaughtered and stuffed made her feel ill. This regal stag was made to run free.

“He did hurt you,” she whispered as she saw the angry red mark on the animal’s side. She brushed her fingers over the wound, which looked superficial. While no doubt painful, it would not prove deadly. The stag sidestepped her touch, prancing just far enough away to evade her fingers, yet he kept close to her, circling her. She felt him at her side, her back. The ends of her hair tangled in his antlers, and she thought she heard him inhale deeply of the heather-scented soap she had used that morning.

You are mine, she heard whispered on the winter wind that made its low howl through the leafless branches.

Suddenly she felt warm, her legs weak, her belly fluttering with the sudden release of butterflies. It was a man’s voice. Dark. Sensual. Compelling.

Stay with me.

She trembled once more as the stag pressed closer, his muzzle now bent to her neck. Puffs of gray vapor rose between them and she closed her eyes, disconcerted by feelings that swam in her.

Stay forever.

Something touched her, a hand on her shoulder, the press of lips against the bounding pulse of her throat. She felt the harsh exhalation of a held breath, followed by the movement of her hair over her shoulder.

The raven cawed loudly and swooped down between them, drawing the stag’s attention. Confused and frightened, Isobel bolted and ran over the uneven ground, falling to her knees over large, distended tree roots. Branches tore at her hair and the tartan scarf she had wrapped around her neck. Pulling the wool, she continued running, never once looking back until she broke free of the branches that seemed to have tried to keep her within the forest.

When she at last turned back, she saw the white stag standing on the edge of the forest watching her, his great chest heaving. His black eyes compelling her back to him.

She walked away, unable to stop looking back over her shoulder. The stag was still there, still watching her.

Next time, she heard through the night sky. Next time you will not run from me.

It's the day after, and in this next excerpt, in Daegan's pov, he meets her as a man....

She was the loveliest woman he had ever seen. Despite the fact that her glorious red hair was covered by the hood of her velvet mantle. Even with the shadows that concealed her pale skin and wide blue eyes, Daegan knew it as the truth. Isobel MacDonald was stunningly beautiful.

He had seen that beauty last night, when he had come to her in a dream. He had tasted her sweetness as her lips parted beneath his. He had felt her passion as he pressed her back on the bed and touched her.

Even now, he could still feel the tentative touch of her fingertips against his cheeks, his shoulders. She was innocent, but beneath her purity, there was a passion that burned hot.

Her gloved hands came up to her hood and she shoved it back, revealing a cascade of auburn ringlets that fell artfully from her coiffure. Her eyes were just as wide and clear as last night, yet he saw something different in them—awareness. That she was aware of him, that the memories of them together were flooding her consciousness made his blood hot. The animal in him wanted to press her back against the tree and mate with her. The Sidhe in him wanted her thoroughly enchanted before he claimed her and made her his. A quick rut was not what his Sidhe half desired. Only a full night exploring her body would satisfy him.

“How did you come by my pin, sir?” she asked breathlessly.

He could tell she recalled the dream and what she had allowed him to do. It was there in her eyes, the way her body seemed to grow lax. The perfume of her arousal that seemed to cloak him.

It was fortunate he had found the clan pin, for with his magic he had used it to enter her dreams. Once she had the pin back in her possession, the spell would cause her to return to him night after night in the groves of Annwyn.

“Sir?” she asked warily. “How did you come by my pin, and how did you know it belonged to me?”

“Are you not Isobel MacDonald of MacDonald Hall?”

She lifted her chin. “Yes.”

“Then this is yours. I found it while wandering the woods on my morning walk.”

“You have me at a disadvantage, sir.” she said, her gaze taking him in from head to toe. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

He smiled as he stepped closer to her. “Is that true, Isobel?”
She sucked in a breath as he came to stand directly before her. “I . . . I do not recall being introduced, sir.”

“I am Daegan, prince of these woods. Perhaps now you recall our acquaintance?”
Her eyes flared and her breathing grew harsh. “I am quite sure you are not known to me.”

He reached out and she flinched. He soothed her with a whisper as he attached the pin to her cloak. “I know you well, Isobel. And I intend for you to know me just as intimately.”

Isobel could hardly breathe. How could he be here standing before her. The man from her dream. Daegan. She remembered his name, that he had claimed to be a prince. She had thought it a bit of fancy, a remnant from a young woman’s childish fantasies of being a princess swept off her feet by a handsome prince. She hadn’t truly believed that the man was real, nor could she have imagined him being even more handsome and virile in person.

“Ah, I think the lady doth remember,” he murmured as his knuckles raked along her cheek. “Is it all coming back now, muirnín?”

“I. . .I dreamed of you,” she said. Blushing, she immediately looked away, but he lifted her chin to have her look upon him.

“More than that. Last night, I came to you in your sleep.”

His thumb, warm and soft, caressed her chin, then slid upwards toward the corner of her mouth, eliciting a warmth that rushed through her veins. “And . . . and . . .” Isobel swallowed hard, unable to finish or concentrate on anything other than Daegan’s thumb stroking her.

“And we kissed. Touched.”

She licked her dry lips, remembering how, and where he had touched her. “Am I dreaming now? I must be, for how can any of this be possible?”

“No. You are not dreaming. ’Tis real, this meeting. ’Tis fate.”

The sound of twigs and branches snapping beneath heavy footfalls shattered the tension that had grown between them. Daegan narrowed his eyes and growled at the disturbance.

“I cannot see you again,” she said, glancing at the open space where any second the earl might happen upon them.

“But you will, Isobel. You will. Tonight is the winter solstice, and when the moon is full, you will come to me, and I will tell you all you wish to know, and I will make you mine.”

Highlander Excerpts!

Well, I've had a 'why didn't I think of that?' moment!

Lori suggested an exerpt of each, one each day! Brilliance! (Sometimes I'm braindead)

So, I've put on the coffeepot and I'm going to go trolling through the book for three good excerpts. Not sure what today's will be....

Anyway, look for an excerpt later today. Then another one on Tuesday, and then one on Wed!

Thanks Lori for the suggestion!

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EXCERPT, A Highlander Christmas!

Okay, that title was a tease, I admit. This post does not contain an excerpt. It would have, though, if I could have one I wanted to put up. Fact is, I'm just not sure. so, I'll leave it up to you lovely hussies to decide what you'd like.

Here's your options, majority rules, and I'll post the excerpt Monday afternoon/evening.

A) A first meet between Isobel (the heroine) and Prince Daegan

B) A sexy, hussy satisfying scene

C) A taste of Daegan and Bran, who is the hero if Velvet Haven

I aim to please...let me know what' you like!
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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I'm a Wicked Writer...

So, I'm over the moon about this! Yesterday I got invited to be part of the Wicked Writers group with Sylvia Day, Shayla Black, Karin Tabke, Cathryn Fox....oh, man, I can't tell you how excited I am.

It's a busy list, with a lot of romance fans. They're talking hotties, and love scenes, and their man candy....Lord have mercy! WOW!

If you're interested in joining, here's the link, Wicked Writers

There is some author promo from time to time and some giveaways, but mostly it's alot fun with authors and readers just chatting about whatever they want!

Don't be shy, c'mon over!

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Velvet Haven Widget

Look what a gorgeous little Dryad sent me! Dryads, in case you're wondering, are voluputous and highly sensual water nymphs in Annwyn! Bran bribes their queen for a posey of their special flowers for Mairi-- orchids, with petals that resemble the naughty bits of female anatomy. They also possess an intoxicating heady scent that reminds Bran of Mairi. He sends the posey with with a note...'thought of you as I picked these. Can't wait for tonight. Want you to open and weep for me like these flowers'...
Naughty Bran!!!!

So, thanks to my little Dryad who made this up! It's divine!!!

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Higlander ARC winners!

Hi everyone,
Thanks to everyone who responded with email addies and snail mail addresses. I worked night shift all weekend and am just waking up! I'll be getting to your emails either later tonight or early tomorrow!

Have a good night!

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And the Winners Are...

Okay, well first off, thanks to everyone who entered to win a copy of my novella, Yuletide Enchantment. The good news is, my agent was also sent some printed ARC's and she's offered to cough them up to me to give away for reviews. So, I now have three print ARC's to give away, as well as three pdf versions of my novella.

So, without further adieu, I have these entrants

Ashley Ladd
Rachie G
My Blog 2.0 (Dottie)
Ms. Moonlight
The Book Queen
Heather D

So some of you specifically asked for an electronic copy of the novella, so I separated your names from the print list. The winners are random, as picked out of hat by my 10 y/o.

So, the print ARC winners are....

The Book Queen

The winners of the PDF electronic version are...

Rachie G

Congrats to all the winners. And remember if you name wasn't chosen this time, there will be other chances to win through contests, and blog visits etc. If you want, you can sign up for my newsletter as I'll be letting readers know if winning opportunities there, or you can continue to visit my blog for futher updates.

September will see more Annwyn content on my website along with new excerpts.
Thanks for all the interest, and be well this weekend!

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Last Call....

Morning all....

Don't be shy, cause it's last call for ARC's for A Highlander Christmas for review on a blog, or Amazon, or Chapters or Barnes and Nobles etc...

My novella in this anthology is entitled Yuletide Enchantment. It's not erotic, but pretty steamy, it's historical, and it's a 'prequel' to Velvet Haven. It releases this Nov.

I have one print ARC, and I can now give away three copies of my electronic ARC of the novella for review.

So....last call, I'll annnounce winners tomorrow. Just leave a comment here if you're interested. I've already had a few sign up, so the more the merrier!

Be well, and enjoy the day....It's FRIDAY!!!!!

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The Plot Thickens...

So, I know I'm supposed to be reading for pleasure, and I am, but that Muse of mine is here for a visit. She always comes when I'm feeling physically and mentally worn out from writing. Gotta love her, my muse is a Dom! lol!

So, when I was initially was writing Velvet Haven, I wasn't sure which character's journey I would write next. The plot can go in many different directions. But the then the muse steered me down a certain path.

Currently, I'm thinking Rhys MacDonald and his Shadow Wraith, Keir will be next. I like how these two are entwined, and the conflict one of them is holding inside. Plus, I'm imagining the bedroom scenes, and how they're going to extricate themselves from one another when their existence is entegral to each other. Rhys btw, is Bran's great-great nephew (and Daegan from a Highlander Christmas' great-great grandson) I think it's a natural progression, from Daegan's story, to Bran's then to Rhys, who is only part Sidhe, and that part is REALLY dilute, or is it??? :)

His heroine would be from Annwyn, and I'm thinking she's part of the Dryads which are water nymphs in Annwyn. So, lots of possibilities there.

Now, I just have to organize my thoughts and see what my editor says. Not sure if she had someone in particular in mind....

Enjoy the pics of the men. Rhys is on the lounge, and Keir has those 'otherworldly' eyes. I should be reading, not thinking about this two....

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Done!!!!

Ok, I gotta share~Velvet Haven is revised and the book has been sent off to my editor!!! Oh, hell yeah!!!!!

I don't mind sharing with you guys that this revision was BIG. Like tear my hair out big. I love Bran. I really do, but he just wouldn't talk to me. I had such a hard time getting into his head, and with Suriel...he just wanted to take over. The only scenes that were really shining we're the verbal sparring scenes between Bran and Suriel. So, I had to go back and rework, rethink, and pull Bran by his long hair and give him hell till he started yapping.

And he did. And he's beautiful and sexy and now I love him. Of course, I'm talking like he's real. But when you're a writer, the person in your head, speaking to you, IS lifelike. They do become real to you and you get attached and pissed off when they won't do what you want them to do.

Bran has been the ONLY hero I've ever written that wouldn't talk to me. I mean, even Wallingford spewed his guts and disassembled brilliantly. Bran? No way.

In the end, I wrestled with him and won. I've just come back from the cool little coffee house we have here in cowville, and heard this song on the radio. It made me smile, and I imagined Bran singing it, while thinking of me!

Enjoy! There's some language so you might want to be careful where you're at.
This will get you smiling for the start of your weekened, especially when you see the poor dweeb in the red T-shirt...
Do we REALLY do this to guys????

Puddle of Mudd-She Hates Me.

YIPPEE, I'm done!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Come One, Come All...

Okay. Bran is a bad boy. Suriel, the fallen angel is...REALLY bad. And I'm having SO much fun writing them that way. I like the struggle between the two leaders. Bran co-rules Annwyn, and Suriel is a fallen angel who has been roaming around earth for a thousand years, 'influencing' humans! :)I like them both, but one character is struggling to take over.

Sometimes this happens in writing, a secondary character lives so large, becomes so clear in your mind that you're gravitated to him. Notice I said him. It's always the guys who do this to me!!! For instance, the second Wallingford appeared in Addicted, seated like a pasha at the masquerade ball, he planted himself firmly in my mind and heart. He never really tried to take over Lindsay's book, but he was always a very strong prescence. Interesting, since all the mail I've received from readers make comment of him. Garrett, has gotten himself a few fans, but no where near the amount that Wallingfor has. And I find that interesting, since Garrett got more page time.

And this is where I am at with Suriel.

And yet, I love Bran and his strength and sexuality. I guess they're just different characters. And that's neat, that they can be 'born' so different, yet sprung from the same mind.

Anyway, that's my musing for the day. I've got VH on the brain as I'm nearing the end of revisions. I love the way it's turning out. Romantic. Sexy. Sensual. And I'm getting some good angst and emotion in there. Gosh,I love angst! And very intense heroes, as well!

So, because I'm in the whole Annwyn world, and because Yuletide Enchantment in the anthology A Highlander Christmas is a prequel to Velvet Haven, I'm giving away two ARC's. One electronic, and one a print copy. These are un-corrected ARC's from the publisher, so the print cover is just a plain pink one. Not the one with the sexy Highlander on it (who, btw, looks exactly like Prince Daegan!)

So, two ARC's, only stipulation is that you have a blog to post a review on (good or bad). And....tell me what you love in a bad boy.

I'm going to pick randomly, and I'll leave this up for a week so people have a chance to enter. Good luck!!!!

Now back to bad boy Bran and that sexy fallen angel!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Jenna and Bryce at Erotic Horizon

Hi guys,
Just thought I'd let you know that Jenna and Bryce recently answered some questions, and their interview is up today over at the Erotic Horizon blog Stop by for a little Q&A and see what they're up to and a few hints about what is going on with Sarah and Trey!

In other news, I'm working on edits for Velvet Haven. I'm excited to say that they extended the word count for me, and I can add some scenes now that I have the room! So, while it's more work, it'll be better in the end!!!!

As soon as I hand in edits, I promise to get my website updated. I've got some more Annwyn stuff to put up, and an excerpt from Highlander Christmas to put in there, too!

Hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from the Bacchanal that is RWA

Well here I am, back from RWA, exhausted, relieved to be home, and inspired about my career. It's always such a fun time at RWA. I love meeting writers and talking about books and the writing process. I like meeting aspiring writers, and renewing my enthusiasm for the craft through their excitement. I like meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

I always find myself feeling inspired and refreshed creatively after conference. I have alot of writing work in front of me these next two weeks, but I'm excited about digging in making the book(s)the best they can be.

Bran, and the whole Immortals of Annwyn series seemed to be a hit at RWA. Poor Bran was stroked, caressed, and even kissed!!! Those postcards were really a hit. Well, it's the cover art that's the hit. Everyone said the book was going to fly off the shelves! Let's hope so!

One of the highlights for me was meeting up with Barbara from the Happily Forever After blog. What a cool woman, and soooo sweet. I could talk to her forever about romance. And I got to talk to VampFanGirl from Lovin' Me Some Romance. Although it was only over the phone...still, though, it made my day. Both ladies have been instrumental in helping me get the word out about my books, as well as Lea from Closet Writer! I can't say how grateful I am to all three of you for taking hte time to read ARC's and post reviews, not only on your blog, but Amazon, and B&N and Chapters!!!!! Major thanks, and eternal gratitude to all three of you. I'm such a lucky author to have you guys!

What else...oh, the Harlequin party...VERY cool! I had SO much fun!

On the writing front, minimal was accomplished, so it's back into the bat cave I go. I'm sure pics will be lurking on the net of the LIT authors shaking our stuff at the Harlequin party. I'll provide you with links and laughing material once I find them!

Till then, happy reading!!!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Frisky Fridays....Serving Up Beefcake!

Well hi everyone! Long time no chat. It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and I was despairing the last day or two, but then Leontine, from Leontine's Book Realm dropped by to the save day!!!

She has a super cool new feature that she's debuting on the Book Realm, and yours truly has been asked if I would allow a couple of hotties from Annwyn out of their cages. Naturally I agreed. I'm not a selfish person! :)

So, to see what all the fuss is about, check out the Book Realm and learn all about it, and meet Tristan, one majorly hussy worthy club bartender! He's one hot, hot, hottie!!!!!

And check out my beefcake membership!!! How darn cool is that!!!!!
Bran has whispered in my ear that he has a better chest, but hey, he's arrogant!

Happy Friday! And to all my American pals, happy 4th!

Monday, June 22, 2009

They're Here.....

Happy Monday to all!
I know, the work week drudgery is just beginning, but I've got good news to brighten your week! Postcards for Velvet Haven just arrived, and I've got LOTS! So, if anyone is interested in one, just drop me a line at with your snail mail addy and I'll pop one in the mail!!

Bran is agreeable to be mailed anywhere in the world, so give him a thrill and send him some place exotic!!! Also, he says he's willing to be pimped out and stroked, so if any of you run blogs or contests and you'd like a few extra to hand out, Bran's willing to take one for the team! :)

Also, the color looks a bit off here, but that's just because it needed to be formatted the right way for the printer. Trust me, he's totally stroke worthy!!!! Major kudos to my excellent webmistress Rae Monet who designed them.

Happy first week of summer!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Early Weekend Treat

Well, I'm on that homestretch with Sinful and things are looking up! I finally found time to do some changes to my website, and my webmistress, God bless her, put up an excerpt for me. A bit of a sexy one. So, if you're interested in a sexy excerpt for Velvet Haven, check out this excerpt link

Enjoy. It's a scene were the heroine, Mairi has just entered the Velvet Haven goth club with her friend Rowan. It's her first glimpse of Bran. The 'golden god' she spots first is Sayer, the Selkie. Here's the pic I used for inspiration for him....

Now, the guy behind Sayer is Bran, and he's all Mairi's! Man, I think this cover hunk is gorgeous!!!! He's so perfect for Bran. In other news, my webmistress made me up some really cool postcards for Velvet Haven, (totally stroke worthy!)

I'm bringing them to RWA. But if you're not going to RWA, drop me a line at with your snail mail addy and I'll pop you one in the mail!

Have a great weekend!!!