Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm late...I'm late, for a very important date!!!!!

ACK! OMG, where did the month of December go? I owe you guys some hunks and Amazon gift cards! lol! I'm so sorry guys! I have an arm length of excuses, but mostly, it's because of the day job, and working over Christmas. It took me much longer to prepare for it, and I used the beginning of Decemeber to do it, to ensure my family would have a good Christmas while I was working those 12hr shifts. And also, in that time, I got a three book contract with Harelquin's HQN imprint, for mass market Historicals! I've been trying to break into mass market forever, and I finally did!!!! So, I spent a lot of time with my agent and new editor, discussing facts, and time slipped away. And did I tell you that final copy edits arrived the 19th of December for Sinful!!!! yeah. They did...sigh....and I devoted all my brain power to the bad boy who is Lord Wallingford.

So this all means, that I haven't had sufficent time to oogle all that man candy you sent me. Rest assured, I'll be getting to that, and announcing the winners on Monday Jan 4th, right after the new year!

In other news, I have coverflats for Sinful. If you're interested in a signed flat, let me know at charlotte@charlottefeatherstone.net and leave your address, and I'll send one out to you!!

Okay, coffee is in hand, and I'm off to study those hunks. Sorry to be late on this guys, but I haven't forgotten!!!!! Feel free to bring out the tomatoes and start pelting me with them!!!!


  1. Oh Charlotte, Congrats to you honey... this means... Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance for you!!!!! Whew, I need to sit down now. That is awesome honey!!!
    Just wanted to drop by to say Hi!
    Glad that you had a wonderful holiday with your family!

  2. Congrats on the mmp contracts!!! Sounds like you have been beyond busy....and if you need any help with the hunks be sure and let me know :)

  3. three book contract that's great!! Good for you! Don't worry about being late, it happens to all of us and the holidays often get so busy its hard to tell if you're coming or going some days!
    Enjoy your coffee and hunk viewing. I hope you find what you're looking for.