Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And here it is....

Okay, this comes with the disclaimer from editor. First, it's not finished. Second, by the triscale emblem on the gate, they're putting book 1 of....

And it's not going to be book 1 of the Annwyn Chronicles, because marketing feels we should change it to make it very clear to readers that it's a paranormal. They're hoping to having something with shifter and otherworld in there, but frankly, I suck at titles! :)

So, anyone got any good ideas to replace Annwyn Chronicles as the series title?

Well, without further ado, here it is...he reminds me so much of Bran!!!

The Cover Art Gods Strike Again...

I JUST got the cover for Velvet Haven and let me tell you, I'm SO happy with it! The guy totally reminds me of Bran!!!
Anyhoo,once I get the okay from my editor, I'll post.
OOoh, just so excited about this!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Anyone got a hankering for some hot Norman Knights? My friend, writer Karin Tabke has a free read for download over at Simon Schuster. It's a short story in the vein of her Bloodswords series. The third installment of the Bloodswords series, Master of Craving releases next week and it has my fav Bloodsword, Stefan as the hero. So, if Karin is new to you and you'd like to her a try, you can at no cost to you!

Check her out, I think you'll love her!

Karin Tabke free download.Okay, well back to Annwyn where Bran is seriously kicking my butt. Geesh, this guy is the hardest hero I've had to write. Getting to know him is like pulling teeth! Grrrrrrr
Have a good one!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Down To The Wire

Hi everyone!
This is just a quickie post to let you know I'm going down to the depths of writing hell, which is otherwise known as Deadline line time! lol!

If I get any new or interesting tidbits, like cover art, I'll be sure to post them. Other than that I'm going to be MIA for a bit. Gotta get you guys the best book I can!

So, to tide over you faithful hussies, my friend Barbara sent me this heavenly gift!

Mmmmm, me likie.

She knows how I have a thing for Fallen Angels. I even inculded one in Velvet Haven. His name is Suriel, and he's a bad boy....
Thanks, Barabara, I've been casting hussy glances at him ever since he arrived in my inbox. For all the other hussies out there, look, but no touchie. And please, try not to leave drool marks in your wake!!!

See you soon!