Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Cover Art Gods Strike Again...

I JUST got the cover for Velvet Haven and let me tell you, I'm SO happy with it! The guy totally reminds me of Bran!!!
Anyhoo,once I get the okay from my editor, I'll post.
OOoh, just so excited about this!!!


  1. Okay excitment is rubbing off on me... **wishing i had editors name to call to get my hands on it, lol**
    So excited for you!!!!

  2. AHHHHHH I'm so excited!! YAY! I'm glad you love it, Sophie :D

  3. ACK!! You liked Phury better than V?!?! GET OUT! V's THE MAN! :P ((hugs))

  4. I WANT IT NOW!!!! ;) Alright, I'll wait... But only for a little while. ;)

    Congrats on being blessed by the Cover Gods! YAY!!

    (((hugs))) VFG