Thursday, May 21, 2009


Anyone got a hankering for some hot Norman Knights? My friend, writer Karin Tabke has a free read for download over at Simon Schuster. It's a short story in the vein of her Bloodswords series. The third installment of the Bloodswords series, Master of Craving releases next week and it has my fav Bloodsword, Stefan as the hero. So, if Karin is new to you and you'd like to her a try, you can at no cost to you!

Check her out, I think you'll love her!

Karin Tabke free download.Okay, well back to Annwyn where Bran is seriously kicking my butt. Geesh, this guy is the hardest hero I've had to write. Getting to know him is like pulling teeth! Grrrrrrr
Have a good one!


  1. Thanks! I haven't read anything by this author, though I have heard of her. I'll definitely check it out!

    Have fun with Bran ;)

  2. Thanks Sophie!

    I downloaded the short, new author for me!

    Dottie :)

  3. Barbara, in the box of goodies I sent you, the first Bloodsword book in in there, Master of Surrender. Speaking of which, if you haven't got it yet, I better track that package. Unless, of course, it's caught up in customs. Heck, they're probably reading those books! :)
    Bran....oh, I'm in hell with him. I have the sinking feeling that the entire book sucks! I hate that feeling....

    Dottie, hope you like it. I really, really enjoy Karin. And she also write erotic contemporary as well, under the same name!

  4. Hey Sophie, Thanks for the heads up on the goodie~ you know we love adding new authors to our list of TBB!!!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  5. Hey Sophie. No, I never got it. LOL!! Imagine they are sitting there reading my books? I can just see it. Hmmm...What's in this package? Oooohhh look at this hottie. LMAO!!

    Yeah, you might want to track it.

  6. BTW, STOP!! You sound like me!! Bran is gonna rock!

  7. I think it's just stress, Barbara, this story isn't pouring out of me like Sinful did. I wish it were that easy. all other characters are behaving nicely, even the fallen angel,but Bran....grr, he needs a kick in the A**!

  8. Well, I am not sure if I am getting this right.. but Sophie... your words are truly going to pour out like silk... you might just have to give Bran some extra lovin *wink*! You just need a little faith and a couple of breathing exercieses! LOL~

  9. Thank you for the heads-up Sophie! Wishing you luck with that difficult Bran!! I'm sure he will be a heartstopper when you are finished writing him. :)

    Best Regards

  10. Cecile, thanks so much! :) I needed that! Bran only opens during sex, and like I've told him, I'm grateful he's willing to do that,but I do have a plot to write, just not sex! *g* Oh, and do check out Karin. I think you'll like her!

    Lea, you're welcome. If you do download her story let me know what you think. I like her Knights! And Bran a heartstopper....yeah, he is, one way or the other! lol!

  11. I love Karin Tabke's Bloodsword series! Really looking forward to Master of Cravings.