Monday, September 21, 2009

Pre-Order PC

Well, I don't know if this is correct form, and politically correct and all that stuff, but a struggling writer has to do what she can to garner not only notice for her books, but also sales of those books. The days of 'grooming' an author are kind of pase. So, here I am selling my my book, Velvet Haven which has gone up for pre-order on Amazon and

Now, I know it's months, and months away, but I just got word that my publisher and I won't be going to contract for book 2 in the Immortals of Annwyn series till they find out the number of pre-orders. In layman's terms that means, 'if the bookstore pre-orders are good, we'll go to contract, if not, we'll see what sales are like'.

This is pretty standard in the industry, and it's more prevalent today because of the economy. Any way you slice it, the writers wants to get contracts, and the publisher has the desire, and the right to expect to make a profit.

So, if you had any intentions at all of buying Velvet Haven, would you consider pre-ordering a copy? And just to seduce you, Velvet Haven does kind of end with a cliff hanger! Think of the mutiny I'll have on my hands if I don't get to write book 2!!!

Ok, politicially incorrect post is now over, not to be re-posted! If you're interested in pre-ordering the links are below.

And thanks for letting me pimp...




  1. Hi Sophie!

    I just pre-ordered at Amazon! :)

  2. Hey Sophie! I am pre-ordering mine tonight and pimpin it at my place tonight! Hope you had a great day! And a wonderful tomorrow!

  3. Hi Sophie! :D

    Ah, there's nothing wrong with giving your readers a gentle nudge-- I know I would do the same thing! *Wink*.

    I'm off to pre-order mine later tonight, and I'll have some links and the widget on my sidebar soon too. :D


  4. You guys are the absolute best!!!!! A writer couldn't ask for better readers.

    THANK YOU for the support!!!

  5. Isn't that what we are here for!!! ;)
    Honey, anytime you need a "shout out" you let me know!! I do not mind at all!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Cecile, I'm LOVIN that new avatar!!!! Smokin' HAWT you hussy!!!!!

  7. Oh thank you!! I have been racking my brain trying to make my place just as smokin... but I am not good at this html/template/layout crap!! LOL!!
    So, I settled for the avatar to be the hottest thing!!! And damn that is the epitome of hot!!!
    Thanks for noticing!!!
    **the hussy is purring** =)

  8. I've a shamefully large amount of books that I plan on ordering soon. One more can't hurt, right? Hell, I probably won't even feel it.

    Sigh....I love ordering books online. Gawd, I'm such an addict!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  9. Well, I feel like a cock-bawd pimping up this book, but I REALLY need to write book 2 and you guys want to read book 2, right????

  10. Are you joking me... Asking us if we want to read 2 more... Woman, who are you asking... You KNOW we always want more!!!!


    And Sophie... Let me make you feel better... I will pimp the hell out of this book!!! Just give me a day to catch up and I will post this up... Not just put in with other things... This will get its own post!!! Honey, consider me your pimp, lmao!!!!

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I have ordered my copy... and now I sit and wait for its delivery into my hands... For me to stroke.. I mean touch.. I mean hold that fine man.. I mean book in my greedy little hands!!!
    Mmmaaaahhhwwwwaaaaa!!! My evil laughter!!! LOL!!
    Have a great weekend Sophie!