Monday, September 7, 2009

Yuletide Enchantment

My favourite little Dryad came up for air this weekend, and brought me a new widget for A Highlander Christmas!
Isn't it grand? WOW, I can't believe there's only THAT many days left till Nov 1...BRRR

Anyway, thanks again to my Dryad, and help yourself if you'd like the widget! GAWD I think that's a hot Highlander!!!


  1. That is one hot looking sprout so yes I am taking that one :)
    Mmm kilts

  2. Right around the corner for some Yuletide joy! Can't wait!

    Dottie :)

  3. How cute!! I love this one!!

  4. Oooo! Super cute! I'm lovin' the plaid.

    ;) VFG

  5. Niiiiice, this one is going up on my blog this week *grin*

  6. Thank, guys! I think it's soooo cool with the tartan! And I swear that Highlander is the same guy on the Velvet Haven cover!

  7. I think he is the same guy too Sophie! However, whether it be a kilt or leathers the dude is HOT!!

    I know, hard to believe November isn't far off eh?


  8. he's TOTALLY hot! I spend far too much time staring at him, and stroking him! :)

    I'm anxious for the release, Lea, but Nov....geesh, I hate that month, so cold and grey and drizzly.....

  9. Oh honey, you know I have stole him and put him at my place!!! Hot you say.... smoking freaking hot!!
    November is right around the corner... I can not believe that!! Already... Weren't we talking about Summer just hitting us a little while ago!?!?! Damn...