Monday, November 16, 2009

Lust and Lace!

A strange combination to be certain, epecially when both things pertain to men! lol!
So, you might be wondering what the heck? But I as Charlotte) am very happy and proud to say that I have finally fully developed my Sins and Virtues series, but more importantly, I've pin-pointed exactly what the Unseelie Court of my Fey princes look like! Which was no small feat!

One of the reasons I wanted to set the S&V series in the late Georgian period was because in my mind, Fey princes went about in elborately embroidered vests and frock coats with lace jabots and cuffs. It can be extremely difficult making a man dressed in lace (no court shoes with heels for my Fey, thanks!)masculine, alpha, and sexually dominant. But I have such a damn fascination with the frock coat.

My Unseelie Court is decadent, opulent with a heavy dose of sensuality. Think silks, brocades and velvets in black, plum, burgandy, gold...heavy, dark, thick like a cloud of opium. No opium for my Fey, though, they prefer those elixirs that are naturally occuring!

This past weekend, I finally found some visuals and I made my collage board as I do for all my 'series' ideas. (One day, I'll take a picture of my study and you can see them. I have one for Annwyn, and now this one. I've already taken down the one for Addicted and Sinful!)I have found a great number of Georgian period clothing for both my heroine and Fey prince on the net. It's been great fun dressing them, and designing the Unseelie Court. The mortal realm, I'm afraid, is rather fixed in history. Palladian styles, symmetrical gardening, and furniture arrangements, and court dress, which meant men did indeed wear shoes encrusted with heels and gems! I can't muck with that, but the Unseelie Court...that was a free for all. I kind of took my favorites and threw them into the pot; medieval, medieval fantasy, gothic, etc...

I also wrote that exciting first scene, when my prince of Lust finally discovers his virtue's ONE weakness. I'll be interested in hearing from readers what they think about how he goes about exploiting that one weakness!

I'm in the process of filling out the Art Fact Sheet for the cover. Knowing what Spice gave me for Addicted and Sinful, I'm postitively panting to see what they come up with for Lust. I think the title is staying the same.

So, Lust is schedule for release in Feb 2011, and Vanity in April 2012.
I am working on more Charlotte stuff, and hopefully I'll have more through the year to release to tide you over.

Anyway, Sinful and Velvet Haven are ALL done. The dedications are made, the final proofs are finished, and now it's on to new projects. I hope you guys won't mind coming along for the ride with me as I write the Sins and Virtues series.

Now, I'm off to Lust, who has just transformed into a thin, vaporous--aromatic cloud. He's made his way to Chastity, and has just begun to wrap himself around her exposed bosom, in those scandalously low cut, corseted Georgian gowns.....

BTW, I love frock coats, and the hint of lace cuff that dangles on a very large, masculine, and highly skilled hand...what of you? What is your favorite male garment, from any era?


  1. Oh wow... Damn woman... I am still stuck on the visuals from above... what about clothing or lack of... Man... And the teaser of what is to come... Damn woman, you are evil, lol!!
    I think that is truly great Charlotte that you have accomplished all what you have!!! Congrats honey! And I can not wait to simply divulge more into your world. You have given me Addicted and you have given me Hot In Here and now you are giving me these delicious men... and their stories... OH man!!!
    Clothing... I will be researching that when I get home... and getting back to you on that one... In the meantime, I will sit at work and oogle those pictures!!! LOL! Have a great Monday honey!

  2. Without a doubt, my favorite male garment, from any era, is the Levi 501. There's just something about those buttons, and the way the jeans cup a guy's rearend (ok, and yeah, his package, but I'm a butt girl).

    Better than the nice, tight breeches they wore in the Regency era, better than even the tight t-shirt worn with the 501s.

  3. Congrats Sophie!!!! :D

    BTW, I loved your story in A Highlander Christmas, so I have NO DOUBT I'm going to love Velvet Haven. Although you were Sophie writing, I totally heard Charlotte's voice in that story.

    As for clothes...the waistcoat, vest...whatever you want to call jacket. Even now, I drool when my hubby takes off his jacket at a wedding and is just wearing the vest and shirt. It accentuates a man's backside oh so well ;)


  4. Hey, Cecile! Thanks! You've made my day. I really hope readers are going to like this series!

    Lori...OMG 501's!!! Totally agree. They do wonders for the butt, package and thighs. I luuuuuv thighs!

    Barbara, thanks! You detected Charlotte in Highlander? I think it's because it's historical, but you know, Bran is that way sometimes, too, so many you'll glean more Charlotte in Velvet Have as well!!!
    And so agree about the waistcoat. I kind of like the look of black trousers and a shirt, with those billowing kind of sleeves.....Mmm

  5. Oooo Charlotte, I'm so looking forward to your new S&V series! I'm already lusting after Lust too. Be still my hussy heart!!

    And I would absolutely LOVE to see your collages. How interesting. I didn't know you made them but I'd seriously be very interested in seeing what they look like. Did you throw away the ones you made for ADDICTED and SINFUL or do you safely pack them up? *fingers crossed for the latter*

    You know, when I think of frock coats (and I'm way out of the Georgian time period I'm sure) the first thought that comes to my mind is Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. Now those men could wear lace!!!!! Yowzaa!!

    Hugs, VFG

  6. Oh, and I agree with Barbara, I definitely detected your Charlotte voice in "Yuletide Enchantment". And like you just mentioned, I also think it was because it was a historical but nonetheless, loved it. Except for poor St. Clair. *sniffles*


  7. Hey, VFG! You're not off with thinking of thinking Interview With A Vampire. Mostly, the same sort of thing, although I confess to not knowing the exact date of Interview. But yeah, lace can be a total turn on. But a tricky balance!

    yep, I keep the collages. I find that it`s nice to have a visual to ground me as I`m writing. Colors represent tone for me. I`ll pull out Addicted and Sinful and take a pic, as well as for Immortal of Annwyn, and S&V.

    And St. Clair....I swear, I have plans for him, and who ends up with is BIG! That`s all I`m saying. ;)