Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Found Him!!!!

Okay, so I'm feeling better because I'm trolling the internet looking for hot guys. Hubby, though is still in the recliner moaning and groaning! ;)

So, remember that I was hunting for an inspiring picture for the Fey Prince that will encompass the cardinal sin of 'Envy' for Charlotte's Sins and Virtue series?

Well, I found him...take a peek!

Okay, he's a little leaner then I imagine, but that look on his face!!!! It's utterly perfect for Envy who is VERY envious of his virtue who is being wooed by a gorgeous Seelie Fey. The Seelie are the good Fey, the Unseelie, the bad boys. And Envy is a baaaad boy who is hoping like heck that he can get his virtue, who is named Mercy to believe that bad is really, really good!!!!

So, this is how it's going to break down for the Sins and Virtues. Lust is the first book, Jan or Feb 2011, followed by Vanity. Envy will be third.

Oh, and in other news...just sent website updates to my webmistress for Sophie. Included in those, is a new excerpt for Velvet Haven, and a deleted/altnernate ending for the extra's section! I'll let you know when the updates are done.

Next week will be Charlotte's update, and hold on your to OFFICIAL Lord Wallingford excerpt. A proper one!!!!!

So, whatcha think, will this guy do it for you as the Unseelie Fey Prince Envy?


  1. Glad you're feeling better!

    LOVE THE PIC. You do know who that is in that picture, right??? Ugh, he's way hot, that's Eric Balfour. He was in a movie called, "Lie With Me" that I reviewed on my blog. Let's put it this way, you REALLY get to know his character in that movie, lol. Even my hubby was blushing ;)

    Here's the link to my review:

  2. Ugh, the link didn't post, let me try giving you the full one:

  3. Great pic I can totally see it..though his tummy and back looks weird, but hey I can live with that

  4. First let me say that I am glad that you are feeling better! I am praying for a healthy recovery for you and your family!!

    Now.. Oh wow!! That is a great inspirational picture! And Envy, wow! Wow... seems to be all I can say! Wow!
    Then I went read Barbara's review. Another wow!
    I am so loving up this story line honey!!!
    I hope you have a great day!

  5. Ugh, Blodeuedd, that's my favorite part! I love his tummy and back, so sensual...*drooling all over keyboard*

  6. Cecile, lol, it was some movie, I'll tell you that.

  7. NO! i didn't knwo that? He's a Cannuck, right? (sometimes we grow them right! lol!)
    Ok, off to order that DVD for research purposes only!!!!!!!

    Love the review. And Cecile, you can say Wow all you want, because I have a habit of saying Love. I love this, I love that. You'd think I could be a bit more articulate.

    Blodeuedd, It does look a bit...different, but hell, considering what's louning on the recliner...well....let's just I'm not going to be too picky!

    YEAH, glad everyone is loving Envy...

  8. Hey Sophie,
    Yeah Lie With Me will definitely get you to know him better as Barbara said. It's an....interesting video and definitely has research written all over it.

    There are times I think he looks incredibly sexy, and other times...not. Here's some more pics

  9. Oh I think so. He's lean, but mean, which fits right?? Sounds delicious!


    billi jean

  10. oh, yeahhh, he does it for me :)


  11. Booklover, thanks for the link. Enjoyed perusing!!! And I know what you mean, some pics HAWT some not.

    Billit Jena and simplyali, thanks for stopping by!!!!! Glad he works for Envy for you. I'll have post all four sins some other time. I'm still hunting for three more

  12. Oh Sophie, you can definitely go on the hunt for more!!! He is smoking hot!! The way he is arching his back... he is getting ready to take off the trouser... OMG... hot!!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!! Love that man!
    Hope you are on the mend Sophie to feeling better!