Thursday, June 18, 2009

Early Weekend Treat

Well, I'm on that homestretch with Sinful and things are looking up! I finally found time to do some changes to my website, and my webmistress, God bless her, put up an excerpt for me. A bit of a sexy one. So, if you're interested in a sexy excerpt for Velvet Haven, check out this excerpt link

Enjoy. It's a scene were the heroine, Mairi has just entered the Velvet Haven goth club with her friend Rowan. It's her first glimpse of Bran. The 'golden god' she spots first is Sayer, the Selkie. Here's the pic I used for inspiration for him....

Now, the guy behind Sayer is Bran, and he's all Mairi's! Man, I think this cover hunk is gorgeous!!!! He's so perfect for Bran. In other news, my webmistress made me up some really cool postcards for Velvet Haven, (totally stroke worthy!)

I'm bringing them to RWA. But if you're not going to RWA, drop me a line at with your snail mail addy and I'll pop you one in the mail!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Hi Sophie!!!

    I love the cover for Velvet Haven!! Very sexy!!

    Hmmm...Sayer, huh? I think I like him already :D *teeth bearing grin*

    I'm heading over to check out the excerpt!!!

  2. Hi Sophie:

    Thank you for the update. Heading to read excerpt from Velvet Haven not. :) I would love a postcard for Velvet Haven and will e-mail you!

    You have a great weekend too.


  3. So, is it the same Bran she's dreaming about?

    You know, I hate excerpts! It's like a movie trailer. You sit there and watch it, getting all ampt up to see the movie, but you have to wait so damn long!!! It's just not fair.

    BTW, I really liked the part about him being her "slave"...rawr ;)

  4. The excerpt is amazing Sophie! I love it when the heroine has flashbacks to a previous life when the hero was her lover (or vice versa).

    The ambiance of "Velvet Haven" is spectacular.

    You are really teasing us here!! lol

    Thank you again.

  5. That is one hot excerpt, Ladies don't you think we need more (like a whole first chapter;) I can't wait to read this and next year is so far far away. I love the line "There was something inhuman about him, he was that drop-dead gorgeous." Just torture me some more, j/k.
    Have a great weekend and thank you for the excerpt.

  6. I loved, LOVED, that excerpt, Sophie!!! Good God that was HOT!!! For a few minutes I was in Hussy Heaven. *sigh* Blissful. Thanks for the treat. I'm still so lovin' that cover for VH too, btw.

    I can't wait to learn more about the club of Velvet Haven. It already feels so mysterious with it's seemingly undiluted power.

    And Sayer! He sounds delicous. Selkies have always held such a magical allure for me...

    Thank you again!!

    :) VFG

  7. Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by and reading the excerpt! I put that excerpt inthe flyer for booksellers. Hope it makes them order LOTS of copies of VH!!! :)

    Barbara, it is Bran that Mairi is dreaming about, but she doesn't know it. He's always, er...face down, and at the point in the excerpt she hasn't put two and two together yet.

    Sorry for the long wait time! You guys are going to kill me for teasing you! lol!

    maybe I need to spread a few breadcrumbs like i do for Wallingford!

    I promise I will get the first chapter up soon, and another sexy excerpt. Just gotta pick out the right one....