Monday, June 22, 2009

They're Here.....

Happy Monday to all!
I know, the work week drudgery is just beginning, but I've got good news to brighten your week! Postcards for Velvet Haven just arrived, and I've got LOTS! So, if anyone is interested in one, just drop me a line at with your snail mail addy and I'll pop one in the mail!!

Bran is agreeable to be mailed anywhere in the world, so give him a thrill and send him some place exotic!!! Also, he says he's willing to be pimped out and stroked, so if any of you run blogs or contests and you'd like a few extra to hand out, Bran's willing to take one for the team! :)

Also, the color looks a bit off here, but that's just because it needed to be formatted the right way for the printer. Trust me, he's totally stroke worthy!!!! Major kudos to my excellent webmistress Rae Monet who designed them.

Happy first week of summer!!!!


  1. Oh, that is definitely drool worthy Sophie!

    I'll e-mail after work this evening if not before. I would LOVE one. Thank you for offering.


  2. Can you plastic wrap it? My drool will destroy it in no time flat! LOL

  3. LOL! A stroke worthy Bran whose agreeable to go anywhere in the world is my kinda postcard. *wink*

    Thanks for making these Sophie. I can't wait to receive mine.

    Have a great week!

    ;) VFG

  4. Oh my eyes!!! What a beautiful man he is!!! Drooly worthy... stroking worthy... never takin my eyes off of him worthy.... What a way to start a day!!!!
    I hope he fits into my mailbox, I don't mind pickin him up from the post office. As long as the workers don't fondle him to much!!!
    Thanks Sophie for the wonderful treat to us!!!! I know you love us now!!! =)

  5. No problem guys!!! I'm just so thrilled to have this cover. And the guy is just so perfect for Bran!!!

    Bran doesn't like, or trust humans, and he'd never admit me, but I think the idea of being stroked and adored is right up his alley!!!!!

  6. Oooooh, I like. Definitely nightstand worthy *waggles brows* I'll be grabbing one from RWA!! BTW, is the happy trail easily visible? *wink* I'm so bad. :D

  7. happy trail is EASILY visible, and Bran will be extra pleased to have you following where it may lead...... :)

  8. *blushes* I love me the happy trail...Rawr.... ;)

  9. I just saw this cover on Cecile's blog and immediately added this book to my wish list. The cover is awesome. *fans self* Dang that man could cause panties self-combust. I'm not sure how one could explain to their boss as to why their office chair is now on fire.

  10. Hi Daelith! Welcome! all of us here are a bunch of shameless hussies, and when I received this cover, everyone was drooling right along with me!

    I'm really excited about it and him! Oh yeah, he's totally worth ruining a pair of knickers for!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and don't be a stranger!!!