Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from the Bacchanal that is RWA

Well here I am, back from RWA, exhausted, relieved to be home, and inspired about my career. It's always such a fun time at RWA. I love meeting writers and talking about books and the writing process. I like meeting aspiring writers, and renewing my enthusiasm for the craft through their excitement. I like meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

I always find myself feeling inspired and refreshed creatively after conference. I have alot of writing work in front of me these next two weeks, but I'm excited about digging in making the book(s)the best they can be.

Bran, and the whole Immortals of Annwyn series seemed to be a hit at RWA. Poor Bran was stroked, caressed, and even kissed!!! Those postcards were really a hit. Well, it's the cover art that's the hit. Everyone said the book was going to fly off the shelves! Let's hope so!

One of the highlights for me was meeting up with Barbara from the Happily Forever After blog. What a cool woman, and soooo sweet. I could talk to her forever about romance. And I got to talk to VampFanGirl from Lovin' Me Some Romance. Although it was only over the phone...still, though, it made my day. Both ladies have been instrumental in helping me get the word out about my books, as well as Lea from Closet Writer! I can't say how grateful I am to all three of you for taking hte time to read ARC's and post reviews, not only on your blog, but Amazon, and B&N and Chapters!!!!! Major thanks, and eternal gratitude to all three of you. I'm such a lucky author to have you guys!

What else...oh, the Harlequin party...VERY cool! I had SO much fun!

On the writing front, minimal was accomplished, so it's back into the bat cave I go. I'm sure pics will be lurking on the net of the LIT authors shaking our stuff at the Harlequin party. I'll provide you with links and laughing material once I find them!

Till then, happy reading!!!!!!


  1. Sophie! I'm so happy that I got to connect a voice with the name!! (((hugs))) And I've got two words for you: New York! *wink*

    Oh girl, it's no skin off my back to help get your wonderful names out into the world. Besides, I'm the one who's honored to read and enjoy your stories. Thank you for being an author.

    Good luck with you WIP!

    (((HUGS))) VFG

    P.S. Did you like 'Wicked Little Game'?

  2. Hey Sophie! Happy Belated birthday! It was great to finally meet you. I had such a wonderful time at RWA, I can't even begin to describe it. I hope I get to see you again next year.

    Good luck with the writing. You're an amazing author and I have no doubt it's going to be great.

    ((BIG HUGS))

  3. Hi Sophie :)
    Stopping by the blog.
    The RWA, oh yes I would sure loved to have been there. And I can sure understand why everyone loved those postcards, he is a hottie.

    Oh, I should go and post my review of Hot in Here on Amazon, now when I finally have ordered from US Amazon and am allowed to post there

  4. Hi Sophie!

    Welcome back! From the reports it sounds like an awesome time was had by all. I so happy Bran was a "hit" at the RWA. I'm not surprized, I've got that man on my desk so I can look and admire every day! :0)

    Thank you for mentioning me in your post. Wow, that is so kind of you. Thank you for entrusting me with the ARC of Hot, I loved that story!

    Take care, rest up.

    I was thinking of all of you down there and I love Barbara's pictures.

    Best to you

  5. Hey Ms. Sophie!! I am glad that you had a wonderful time at RWA and I am very thankful to Barbara for taking the pictures! It is nice to put faces with the people we chat with!!
    I am crossing my fingers that one day... when I finally go... I will get to meet you all!
    I am also glad that Bran was a hit... why wouldn't he... lol!! He is hot!
    Well, I am just glad that everyone is home safely now!
    I hope you get some rest! And have a wonderful week!!
    Oh and PS... I have read Addicted (actually, I am on my second reading) and will be doing a review of it soon... as soon as I finish it again!
    I am ADDICTED!!! I absolutely loved the story!!! But you will see!!!

  6. Thanks for the belated BD wishes, Barbara. I'm trying to forget that birthday! lol! And we will definitely see each other next year. I'm thinking of coming to NY to meet with my editor at NAL, so I could even look you up then!

    VFG, It was so good talking with you on the phone! Seriously. Not blowing wind here. I'm SO grateful to you and Barbara, and Lea for thos most helpful reviews! Means alot. But more than that, I've really come to rely on our on-line friendship!!!!

    Blodeuedd! Thanks for stopping by!!!! Hey, did I send you any postcards? I can't remember. If I didn't and you want them, let me know and send me your snail mail addy and I'd be happy to drop Bran in the mail!!!! Hope you enjoyed Hot!! Thanks for accepting an ARC and for reviewing it!

    Lea, no problem, girl! I really cannot say how much all the reader blogger support means to me. Not only that, I feel like I've made friends, and I've found some really good books that you've recommended!!! BTW, Bran loves to be stared at daily! lol!

    Cecile! Welcome! So good to see you! Thanks for letting me know you liked Addicted!!!! And you're on the second read? Gosh! What of Wallingford, did he entice you?

    Speaking of him, I have a drawing that a fan did of him. She has the brooding intensity down pat. I'll have to share it.

    thanks everyone for stopping by!!!!!

  7. Hi Sophie,
    Oh yes I enjoyed it a lot, some days in May melted away for me cos that book was so hot, truly hot ;)

    Oh a Bran card sounds sweet! I will go and email you.

    And I am glad to post the review again now a few months later on Amazon, spread the hotness around

  8. Sophie!! You are much welcome!! I loved Addicted. It was an awesome read! And yes, it was a second read for me with two weeks!! And let me tell you... Lord Wallingford.... oh he did more than entice me... He is killing me!!!
    Stop by my place if you would like to see the review!
    I hope you have a great night and wonderful tomorrow!