Friday, July 31, 2009

Jenna and Bryce at Erotic Horizon

Hi guys,
Just thought I'd let you know that Jenna and Bryce recently answered some questions, and their interview is up today over at the Erotic Horizon blog Stop by for a little Q&A and see what they're up to and a few hints about what is going on with Sarah and Trey!

In other news, I'm working on edits for Velvet Haven. I'm excited to say that they extended the word count for me, and I can add some scenes now that I have the room! So, while it's more work, it'll be better in the end!!!!

As soon as I hand in edits, I promise to get my website updated. I've got some more Annwyn stuff to put up, and an excerpt from Highlander Christmas to put in there, too!

Hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer!


  1. Hey Sophie!

    I stopped by EH's last night and thoroughly enjoyed Jenna's interview. ;) Looking forward to Bryce's today, I'm going to re-read Jenna's too, I was a at the punchy stage when I read it last night.. lol.

    That is awesome news about "Velvet Haven"! Congratulations, I am so looking forward to reading your next work as well as the Christmas anthology.

    I hope you are well and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Hey Sophie!!
    I stopped by Erotic's place the other night... When Jenna's was visiting and I have to tell you... Wonderfully delightful interveiw!!!
    I am looking forward to going see what Bryce had to say now that I am back home!!

    OH... Velvet Haven!!! Congrats on the extended word count!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. I missed this?! :( *sniffles* Damn Pneumonia! I hope you have a great weekend Sofie!!!

  4. And look, I spelled Sofie how I spell my daughter's name Sofie, lol.

    Sorry Sophie ;)