Thursday, August 13, 2009

Come One, Come All...

Okay. Bran is a bad boy. Suriel, the fallen angel is...REALLY bad. And I'm having SO much fun writing them that way. I like the struggle between the two leaders. Bran co-rules Annwyn, and Suriel is a fallen angel who has been roaming around earth for a thousand years, 'influencing' humans! :)I like them both, but one character is struggling to take over.

Sometimes this happens in writing, a secondary character lives so large, becomes so clear in your mind that you're gravitated to him. Notice I said him. It's always the guys who do this to me!!! For instance, the second Wallingford appeared in Addicted, seated like a pasha at the masquerade ball, he planted himself firmly in my mind and heart. He never really tried to take over Lindsay's book, but he was always a very strong prescence. Interesting, since all the mail I've received from readers make comment of him. Garrett, has gotten himself a few fans, but no where near the amount that Wallingfor has. And I find that interesting, since Garrett got more page time.

And this is where I am at with Suriel.

And yet, I love Bran and his strength and sexuality. I guess they're just different characters. And that's neat, that they can be 'born' so different, yet sprung from the same mind.

Anyway, that's my musing for the day. I've got VH on the brain as I'm nearing the end of revisions. I love the way it's turning out. Romantic. Sexy. Sensual. And I'm getting some good angst and emotion in there. Gosh,I love angst! And very intense heroes, as well!

So, because I'm in the whole Annwyn world, and because Yuletide Enchantment in the anthology A Highlander Christmas is a prequel to Velvet Haven, I'm giving away two ARC's. One electronic, and one a print copy. These are un-corrected ARC's from the publisher, so the print cover is just a plain pink one. Not the one with the sexy Highlander on it (who, btw, looks exactly like Prince Daegan!)

So, two ARC's, only stipulation is that you have a blog to post a review on (good or bad). And....tell me what you love in a bad boy.

I'm going to pick randomly, and I'll leave this up for a week so people have a chance to enter. Good luck!!!!

Now back to bad boy Bran and that sexy fallen angel!


  1. Okay... Challenge taken!!!
    And oh, I do love me some Wallingford... And now Bran and now Suriel... ***I am in hussy heaven right now... don't wake me***
    I will back later with a link to my place for a bad boy review!! LOL!!!
    Oh man... what a hussy I have become **and I am not complaining one bit!!!!**
    I hope you have a wonderful day Sophie... especially if you are spending it with those delicious men of yours!!! YUM--MEE!!!

  2. Good Morning Sophie:

    Suriel sounds amazing, as does Bran. Oddly enough I was reading your excerpt and synopsis from VH last evening. I love the mystic setting you have created for Velvet Haven and the characterization.

    I actually have your Yuletide anthology on pre-order, I enjoy Dawn Halliday's work very much as well.

    I would love to read an ARC and review the anthology at my blog and at Chapters. So please enter me in the random draw.

    Thank you so much and I hope you are surviving the heat and humidity!

    Take Care

  3. Ooooh, I love BAD BOYS!! LOL!! You know, your secondary characters really do jump off the page, not for anything. Trey, Wallingford, Trey....sigh...

  4. And yes, I did mention Trey twice...sigh...

  5. Cecile, you hussy you!!!! LOL! I'd love to hear what makes a bad boy bad for you. I have lots of criteria! lol! I think the 'baddest' bad boy of my heroes if really Wallingford. But gosh I love him.

    Lea, thanks for stopping by. And really? You were re-reading those excerpts? Thanks. Once I get edits in, I'm going to do some major updating at both sites. I'll let you know. I definitely plan on more excerpts.

    Barbara...Trey, I forgot about him. Sigh...I really got a find a home for him so he can seduce the hell out of Sarah. :)

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  6. The Bad Boy - A woman's greatest downfall or guiltiest pleasure? You know, bad boys are thrilling to read about but complete heartache in real life. But us women, we can't help ourselves where bad boys are concerned. It's simultaneously our greatest fantasy and our greatest fear.

    I think what draws me so unfailing towards bad boys is that generally, they're bad for a reason - tortured in some way. A good tortured bad boy hero is pure ecstasy. Oh god, and their redemption with the right woman....bliss.

    My favorite bad boy in novels are the ones that only show their softer side to the heroine. Everyone else gets full boar asshole while his lady - only the purest love. Oh and of course their wonderfully possessive with a primitive and uncontrollable sexuality. Yum!

    I've gotten carried away with myself. See bad boys are BAD!!! lol!

    (((hugs)) VFG

  7. Hi Sophie,
    Congrats for finally getting Bran in hand, and showing him who the real boss is :)

    As for my fav types of bad boys. Well at heart they are conflicted but more often than not where actions speak louder than words have heroic actions...even when it goes against what they think they should do.

    They should be somewhat mysterious, sexy beyond what should be considered legal, dangerous, but not to his lady and be alpha all the way, no holds barr and takes what he wants both in and out of the bedroom :)

    I would love to win an ARC and would post my review on my blog, and various other online retailers. I wouldn't care if it was pb or pdf, just can't wait to read Highlander Christmas (did I mention that Highalnders are a fav type of read for me, yep ever since Outlander can't get enough)

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  9. Hi Sophie!

    Congrats on finish Bran's lovely tale. I'm sure his tale will be remarkable, the excerpt has me begging for more! Suriel has a fallen angel to tempt the mere mortal of his domain, oh, can't wait to hear that story too.

    Wallingford's story has me anxiously waiting, I fell in love with his character. I loved how he was so sweet to his sister, yet had grown such a hard shell for the rest of the world to see.

    I love all types of bad boys, it makes them all that much sweet, forbidden fruit and all. As long as they show true love to my heroine, I'm a happy hussy.

    I would love an ARC to review of your anthology and I'd be happy to post on my blog, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles.

    I just mention the other day on Barbara's blog that I haven't give up hope yet for Trey's story, he grabbed my attention and doesn't want to let go.

    Dottie :)