Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Feel Good

So, I've met my word goals for this week! YEAH!!! LUST is coming along quite well, and I've even penned a scene for Vanity's book. So, I'm treating myself this weekend to reading for pleasure.

This is what I'm diving into....

VFG has been on me for AGES to get my arse in gear and read Nalini! I know, what rock have been living under to not have read anything by her? lol! I started chapter one earlier this week, but got distracted by writing stuff. This weekend, I'm totally devoting myself to this book. And it's about angels, you know I love me some bad boy angels!!!

Next up is a fun reseach book I found on-line. What a treasure it is. Filled with really neat ancetodal information on the Fae. It even has a fab chapter on faery sex! lol!

Seducing virgins, preying upon hapless travelers, luring mortals toward madness and death . . . What are faeries really like?

Contrary to today’s sanitized depictions, the hobgoblins, imps, sprites, elves, and other magical creatures embodied in folklore can be quite nasty. Kenny Klein draws on folkloric record—ancient songs, stories of forest and field, legends, myths, and sagas—to reveal faeries’ true nature: where they live; what they do; their desires, fears, powers, proclivities, and enchantments.

Entertaining and enlightening, this unique guide explores human interactions with Mab the Faerie Queen, Puck the prankster, Reynardine the fox man, Jenny Green Teeth, and an array of other legendary fey. It includes rituals and spells for faerie protection, tells the reader how to enlist faerie help in finding lost objects or gaining inspiration, and offers practical tips for those who dare to venture into the world of the Faerie.

“Think you know faeries? This well-researched, compelling book will have you looking twice at shadows and tying bits of red thread around your bedposts for protection.”—Jennifer McMahon, author of Promise Not to Tell

So, I'll be finishing up this little gem and diving into Angel's Kiss.

What's everyone reading?


  1. Oh, I'm reading this yummy little book called The Watchers: Dark Awakening :D
    That fae book sounds uber cool!

  2. Bonnie, that book sounds a bit familiar! ;)

    The Fae book is soooo good. It's been really inspiring for my helping build my own Fey world.

  3. Nancy Atherton's latest Aunt Dimity book, then Stephanie Lauren's two newest from the Black Cobra quartet. If I finish them before the weekend is over, then I'll have to go deeper into the TBR pile. I've never read any Nalini Singh, either, so you have company under the rock!



  4. AAHHH!!! *jumping up and down* I can't wait to dish about Raphael with you! And guess what I'm diving into tonight...yup, ARCHANEL'S KISS. I've dedicated my entire Friday night to it. Wow, that comment just totally unveiled my zero social life...That's alright, I'm still jumping up and down. ;)

    Have a great weekend!!


  5. Hey Charlotte! OMG, it's like Nalini mania, lol!! I hope both you and VFG thoroughly enjoy the book ;) BTW, congrats on meeting your goals!!

  6. Hi Charlotte!

    I've been doing a little historical reading and it's fabulous I must say! Also reading a few ebook shorts. I really need to read Nalini Singh *sigh* need more hours, and I have to say that Through Faerie Glass looks and sounds great!

    Dottie :)