Monday, March 15, 2010


Just wanted to give a shout out to all my blogger buddies who spread the word--and the love about Velvet Haven. It's selling very well, and getting really good reviews! Also, a big thanks to all the readers who've gone out and bought a copy--THANKS!!!!!!

I'll be beginning book 2, which is tentatively titled Mists of Velvet next month. I've written a few scenes here and there, but I'll start the book when I'm finished with LUST, under the Charlotte Featherstone name!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everyone's support for this series!!!! I hope Mists will live up to Velvet Haven! And, in case you're wondering, Rhys MacDonald, will be the hero of the next book. I've already had some readers ask if we'll see more of Suriel and Keir, and if we'll find out more about Rowan. The answer is YES!!!!

So, for the next six weeks, I'll be in my historical fantasy world, with the Dark Fey Princes. We see a bit of Niall, the King of the Unseelie Court in Lust. But first and foremost, we meet Lust, whose name is Thane. Joining Thane on his escapades to the mortal realm is Envy;Thane's Twin brother. As well as Vanity, and also Gluttony. I can't tell you how typing Gluttony makes me smile. He's a not a corpulent guy, but an absolute hedonist! lol! Here's some inspiring pics of the princes. As well, the photo at the top is of the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. It figures heavily in the opening of Vanity's book. I hope to get to see it--and Glastonbury in real life. I'm planning a research trip to England next May, and I'm going to spend quite a bit of my time between London and Glastonbury!

Anyway....enjoy the Monday Man Candy!
Be Well!!!

Thane, The Fey Prince of Lust

The Fey Prince of Envy

The Fey Prince of Vanity

The Fey Prince of Gluttony


  1. Congrats to you Sophie!!! You worked hard for this!!! And yes, I stare at my book everyday!!! =)
    Love the man candy... Simply delicious!

  2. *jumping up and down* YAY!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

    (((GIANT HUGS))) Waaahooooooooo!!! ;)

    Okay *panting* the chaos is out of the way, time to scrutinize the man-meat that you've so generously posted. But even before that - WOW - Glastonbury Abbey is beautiful. OMG, it looks like a fairy tale...I wanna go! *wink*

    And I call Vanity!!!

    Hugs, VFG

  3. If you seriously wanna go, you let me know. I do need travel buds. Right now, I'm solo.....

    Maybe we can talk Barbara into going. And you know, if you're low maintenance we can stay at B&B's and go for cheap!!!!

    Vanity...Hmmmmm, I'm liking him, too. I might have fight you for him!

  4. If the US dollar was stronger, I might contemplate it but right now, no way! Why isn't the fam goin' with you?

    And btw, I smell a brawl comin' on where Vanity is concerned....

    :) VFG

  5. Hubby and kidlet have no desire to go....can bu you believe it! lol! And bring it on...I'll duke it out for Vanity. lol!
    I think you'll like his story, he's very vain, and then takes a big fall! ;)

  6. BIG CONGRATS on Velvet Haven doing so well!!!! I knew you'd keep the hussies happy ;)

    ((big hugs))

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  8. Congrats Sophie! Luved VH! Ur bk was recommended on another FF I'm on & then I read a gr8 review on Amazon...I think it might have been u VampFanGirl. Can't wait 2 read more of this wonderful series. When will MOV b released? Re ur upcoming bk, Lust, is this a new series? I simply luv reading about dark, dangerous & sinfully delich Faes. My fav Fae, is Adam Black from KMM's Highlander series. I have 2 admit though, u’ve got some bellissimi Fey Princes there. Thanx 4 sharing the pics! Btw, r u on FB by any chance? Congrats again! Ciao Caio!

  9. Cecile, thanks for stopping by! You're always welcome!

    Blodeudd, it's always good to see you!

  10. Barbara! Hi! How are you! Hussies....well, I strive to keep them happy. I love that word! :)

  11. Ada! Thanks for commenting. It's so nice to have you here! I'm SO glad you enjoyed Velvet Haven are looking forward to book 2!

    Mists of Velvet (my editor is '80% sure' that this will be the title ;) will release in Feb 2011. I know that seems forever away, but I just couldn't write it any faster for an earlier release. I have too many Charlotte deadlines on the go. But Feb of next year will be here soon!

    Regarding the Fey is a new series,under my other name, Charlotte Featherstone. The publisher is Harlequin Spice, and the series is an erotic historical fanasty. it's set in the late Georgian period, in Englandost . The first LUST will release in Feb 2011 (I know...two release in the same month. UGH!)
    I'm planning a site re-design for the launch of the series.
    When I get back cover blurbs and cover art and pre-order links, I'll post them here on the blog!

    Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and sorry, not on Facebook! Or Twitter....I just can't keep up with all those social networking things. But I do try to keep up my blog,and pass out information that way!
    All the best!

  12. Thanx Sophie 4 taking the x from ur busy schedule 2 answer my q's. *big waves from MTL*