Friday, March 27, 2009

The Dark Side of the Muse

So, this has been a busy week. Between writing, researching and trolling for pics for inspiration, I've been tapped out!

I finished the first draft of Sinful (charlotte Featherstone) and I made a big dent in A Highlander Christmas. Which I'm thrilled about.

I got to see the back cover copy of Velvet Haven, and I'm so exicted about it! It sounds great! I understand that cover art could be coming soon! YEAH!! I'm looking forward to sharing that with readers. I hope it's nice and sexy, because Bran, the hero, is a really sexy guy. You get a glimpse of him as well in A Highlander Christmas.

I sent away for some promo stuff for Hot In Here (as soon as it arrives, I'll let you guys know)and I've planned a few things for its launch.

Also, I'm happy with my plotting progress on Velvet Haven and the whole Annwyn world. As you guys know, I've been deep into this dark sex magic stuff and have been coming up with all kinds of ideas for it. I found this pic on another loop and as soon as I saw it, inspiration of the dark and sexy kind came to mind! So, I wrote the scene. Can't tell you about what character, but wow, I loved it!!! Very inspiring this dark stuff! What do you think? Inspiring pic? I love the pants! lol!

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Ooh, between the Darth Vader type pics and now this one....this book is definitely going to be wicked ;) Can't wait!!

  2. Hey Sophie! Wow, you have been busy. :) I'm so excited to hear that the first draft for 'Sinful' is done, congratulations. Squee!! *sigh* Wallingford....

    I can't wait to see the cover art for your Annwyn series. Will it have a really dark look? With all the talk of dark sex magic, I keep visualizing an overall dark tone to the art.

    Ooh yeah, I'm lovin' the pic. Black leather pants, yummy.

    :) VFG

  3. I hope it does have a dark cover. The original concept was always dark and sexy, but I confess the dark sex magic came in later when I began researching Druid religion and NeoPagan occultism. Just got the okay from editor to use the sex magic. So, I hope at least some of that aspect makes it into book one. There is only one apprentice of the sex magic which is banned in Annwyn, so that will feature heavily in that character's book, but it will be there, to varying degrees in all the books (God willing there will be more books!)

    And Wallingford. I've always had a soft spot for him, and when I was writing Addicted, he had a way to trying to take over. I loved writing him, and he made me cry. I've never cried while writing, until Lindsay and Wallingford!
    (btw, you should be able to post comments now at the Charlotte site)

  4. I can't tell you how intrigued I am with the whole Druid and Celtic aspects of this new series you're writing, Sophie. It's just really unique to the genre right now and I'm always ready to try something new and different.

    I also love cover art. It feels like once I see the cover posted, then it's real and I know I'll be getting my hands on the book very soon. It's like an appetizer before the meal.

    Shoot if Wallingford made you cry like Lindsay, damn... I can't express my need to have this book, seriously this is going to be rough.

    Oh goodie, we can post now at the Quill and InkWell, thanks!

    Have a great weekend!