Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Done!

Finally! I've got the novella, Yuletide Enchantment which is part of the Highlander Christmas anthology finished. Tomorrow is the actual deadline, and I'll spend today and tomorrow puttering away, layering, editing and just tinkering with it. I like writing novellas they teach you how to write 'tight'. You have to get characterization, plot, emotion, sex in such a short word count. In this instance, just 25k words!

This novella was a challenge, not only because of the word count but because I had to introduce the Annwyn world in a historical context. When readers see Annwyn in Velvet Haven it's during the Dark Times and a contemporary setting. So, I had to balance it all. Bran is in there, he's the hero of Velvet Haven. We also learn about his Legacy Curse, and of course, we read about Daegan (the hero of the story and Bran's uncle) and his love for a mortal. Readers will also learn why the Dark Times have come. And they will get to meet Cailleach, the Supreme Goddess who is realy the Head Bitch in Charge. But she's not always bitchy! lol!
All in all, I'm pretty happy with it and how it introduces Annwyn. I'm also thrilled that I was able to describe and show a couple of rites that make Annwyn unique. You'll be seeing more of those in The Annwyn Chronicles.

Phew! Another deadline met! After I turn this puppy in tomorrow, I'll be taking a day or two off to read and clean my house, and then it's full steam ahead on Velvet Haven for the month of April! Wish me luck, Bran is a handful!!!


  1. Congrats!! Enjoy the break, even if it is only a few days.

  2. CONGRATS SOPHIE!! That's awesome news. Enjoy a much deserved break!

    :) VFG

  3. Thanks guys!
    I've spent a few hours going through my keeper shelf and my TBR. I've stroked the glossy covers and have pondered what is going to be fist to be read. Still don't know.

    In other news, my editor just sent me an electronic copy of galleys for Hot In Here, so, I'll be printing them out, binding them up (as best as I can) and sending them out!!! YEAH!!!!