Thursday, March 12, 2009

Entering Annwyn

Well, so much for keeping this blog updated! lol! I've been in deadline hell, and I'm just coming up for some much needed air.

Thought I'd share a few inspiring pics with you that I'm using for Annwyn, and Velvet Haven.
The hottie in a kilt is just makes me smile! I love the boots with it! HAWT! I like the image for Prince Dagaen from A Highlander Christmas. That novella, while historical, is an introduction into the whole Annwyn world. Pretty much this image is Daegan, kilt wearing hottie. Mmmmmm!

Now Velvet Haven proves to be writing pretty good. I'm at an interesting part, introducing a new character who can go either way in the good vs evil paradox. He's a Destroyer, for both the mortal realm and Annwyn. BUT, he could be the savior as well. All I know is he's dark, very, very tortured and I'm loving writing him. I hope readers love him too! These pics were the inspiration for the Destroyer and his necromancy skills! Gotta love that dark magic. Oh,and it's the sex and death kind of dark magic. Having LOTS of fun exploring that.

So, cover art is in the works for Velvet Haven, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share these pics with you. Bran is the hero of Velvet Haven, and if you want a glimpse behind the inspiration for that character, just go to the character gallery in the Annwyn World.

Well, that's it for now!


  1. Ooh, dark and tortured? That's double the love girl! Maybe he'll start off bad but turn good...

    So are these Annwyn novels going to be super dark parnormals like Ione's 'Demonica' series, or more on the light end like Cole's 'Immortals After Dark' series?


  2. Hey VFG! Thanks for stopping by!
    Well, the mantra from editor is 'dark and sexy', so I'm trying to stick with that. I've never read Kresley Cole, and I've only read the first book of the Demonica series (the 2nd one is waiting patiently for me on my bedside table!) So, not sure where it fall between the two series. I do think though that some books will be darker than other owing to characters.

    That wasn't a very good answer, was it! lol!

  3. No, no! You gave a perfect answer, "dark and sexy" is exactly what I like to hear! :) Cole, no Singh... You really don't have any time, do ya? ;) Well, when you get a lull between projects, you give me a holler girl and I'll get you hooked up right! ;)


  4. June 2nd, I'll be knocking!!!! The only book I'm making an exception for during deadlines is JR Wards new one. GAWD! I cannot wait for that one!

  5. Hotties in kilts always get my attention!

  6. AHHH!! I'm such a slacker!! I didn't even realize there was a Sophie blog!! Tsk tsk.

    Anyhow...I LOVE IT!! Oh and the hottie in the kilt!

    PS VFG...Rehv's mine. Just thought I'd remind you ;)

  7. BTW, case I ever spell it Sofie just know it wasn't intentional. That's my little ones name, lol.

  8. Hi Barbara and Elizabeth!
    There is indeed a Sophie blog,but it's been sadly neglected. I'll try to remedy that every few days or so!

    So, the hottie in the kilt...he does something for me, that's for sure! I have another one in a kilt that I'm hording for now. I might be persuaded to share it if VFG and Barabara would release their hold on Rehv....
    Just for a hour. I'm sure that our man Rehv could pack a lot into 60mins....

  9. LMAO!! Oh, I'm sure he could...sigh. YUM!! I'll think about it ;)

  10. Oh, BTW, wanna laugh? Photobucket removed Hot In Here's cover from my sidebar. Why? It was too hot! MEOW!!! I guess they just "assumed" where her hand was traveling, lol.

    I had to re-load it. Hopefully it stays this time, lol.