Thursday, January 28, 2010

He's Here....

OMG, I just opened the door to the hottie FedEX guy, bearing Bran. Wow, I thought the cover was great in jpef form, but wait till you see him in real life! And gold foil, too! (I'm easily impressed!)

Joey Hill had this to say about Velvet Haven--"Sophie Renwick has created a sexy cast of heroes and loads of intriguing story twists."

And Sylvia Day said, "Steeped in dark dangers and blistering sensuality, Annwyn is a world not to be missed. Renwick Rocks!"

Okay, swallowing back the emotion. I'm so grateful that two authors whom I really love to read, and respect so much for their art had those nice things to say about my writing, and that surely assed, Bran!!!

Wow, can't believe he'll be out for all you guys to fondle in a little over a month!!!!

Be well.


  1. NO doubt!!! Knew this was going to rock!!!! IF you got yours.... just maybe our pre-orders will be in... OHHhhh one can only hope, dream and drool!!!! I can not wait to pet mine!!!

    Honey, you know we think you are awesome!!! Can not wait to start reading it!!!
    Very proud of you!

  2. I would sure like to fondle him right now ;)

  3. Yeah, I'm all about Bran! Can't wait to see it in person.

  4. Oooooo gold foil?! Yea-yeah!!! Gawd I'm so lovin' the leather pants. *drool*

    Hugs, VFG

  5. A month is still a very longgggg wait for a guy like Bran, we would like to fondle him right now!

  6. Bran loves to be fondled! I swear I stared at the cover for most of the night! And that sexy little magic trail that disappears below the waistline of those very hot leather pants! lol!