Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Is Me...

Blech. I woke up this morning with a hell of a headache. Thought it was caffeine withdrawl, and it ended up being the beginning of a sinus headache. Now my throat hurts, I'm coughing, and I'm starting with the shakes. Boooo!!!

So, hubby is taking over dinner for me...chicken strips and fries--his speciality! And I'm heading for the couch with my special blankie, a steaming hot toddy (hubby makes the best toddies!) and a good book.

When I'm sick, I don't like to start a new book, instead, I reach for a comfort read. Tonight, I feel like some Lisa Kleypas. I know it'll depress me because when I grow up, I want to write as good as she does! :)

So, I went upstairs to my study to the keeper shelf and placed my fingers on the spines of my Lisa K books and closed my eyes, letting my fingers do the choosing. Index finger landed on Tempt Me At Midnight! Oh, goodie. I love me some Harry and Poppy. I really adore Harry's character in this novel, as well, I love all the Hathaway's. I'm so eager for Leo's book. I know it's going to be nice and emotional. And Beatrix's should be really sweet. I wonder who her hero will be. Anyone know?

Well...I'm off to snuggle up and feel better.
So, who or what is your comfort read?


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well, but I love that photo! LOL
    My comfort reads are Charlaine Harris or just about anything YA for some reason.
    Right now I am participating in the Re-Read 2010 Reading Challenge, so I dug deep into my keeper shelf and pulled out one of my all time favorite authors, Linda Howard. I am totally enjoying re-reading one of my favorites by her.
    I hope you feel better soon!!!



  2. Get well soon Sophie,

    I know a comfy blankie and a favorite romance always makes me feel better. But I tend to go for the romance movies. I like to veg when I'm sick. My favs are Bridget Jones's Diary, You've Got Mail, and Love Actually. I always feel better, even when I feel awful.

  3. Oh no Sophie!! I hope you feel better soon. (((HUGS)))

    Mmmm favorite comfort reads...I have to say anything by Lora Leigh is a comfort. She's a bit formulaic but I love knowing that I'm going to get exactly what I'm expecting.

    (((HUGS))) VFG

  4. My comfort reads are Harlequin NASCAR novels. I don't even like NASCAR in real life, yet these are my comfort reads :-)

  5. Oh, I'm sorry Sophie *hugs*
    Hmmmm...comfort reads....anything by Shayla Black, Lynn Kurland, Lara Adrian...well - I have a lot of them :D
    Feel better soon!!

  6. Awwww. Feel better soon! My comfort reads are definitely historicals. I love Worth Any Price by LK (funny how she's such a comfort read author, isn't it?), and I also reread England's Perfect Hero (Suzanne Enoch) several times each year.

  7. Awww Sophie! Snuggle up with blanket, book, hot toddy and hubby... and rest my dear friend! Hope you feel well my dear friend!

  8. Hope your feeling better - my special blankie and LK always works for me.
    ~ Daisymay Hill from