Thursday, January 14, 2010

News!!! And Got Men Contest!!!

Hey! How's everybody doing? I hope 2010 is treating you right and that you've all recovered from the holidays!

I'm busy writing--the Fey Princes. Lust is behaving just as he should; Lusty! He's alot of fun to write, and I've enjoyed getting to discover the other six sinful princes. Two of them have really captured my imagination--Envy and Gluttony! Gluttony, he's a total hedonist. I had toyed with the idea of calling him Avarice, because I wasn't sure what readers would think of the word gluttony. I didn't want them think of a fat, pompous princeling. But you know, gluttony totally fits him, and I might just keep him the Harbinger of Gluttony! (wait till you see the inspiration for him!)

So, I've been busy with the sins, and also with trying to come up with a trilogy name and a new title for the three book deal with Harlequin's HQN line. Right now, titles are up in the air, but we're thinking of 'Seduce Me With Words'. The heroine is a Victorian Lady Novelist, and she really does seduce the hero with her story. Any thoughts? Suggestions? The name we're leaning to for the trilogy is Brethren Guardians. Not sure if it would be 'A Brethren Guardian Novel' or something like Book One of the Brethren Guardians.

I'm completely lame with titles!!!!

So, other than writing, I've been slavering over these pictures you guys sent me. WOW!!!! I had no idea it would so damn hard to pick a winner. I do have a winner, but I feel compelled to offer a conciliatory prize for all the hard work you guys did sending me all those hunks.

Well, without prolonging the agony, I'd like to introduce you to the Fey Prince of Gluttony (formally known as Avarice) This guy has it all. I can totally picture him in some opulent room with decadent pillows and cushions, while dining on aphrodisiacs and women! What do you think?

Thank you to Ms. Moonlight who provided this most inspiring picture! You've won a $25Amazon gift certificate. Congrats!!!

Now, to the other prize. Whoever is the first to email me at can have a book of your choosing. ALSO, since Velvet Haven is only a short six weeks away, you can opt to choose it, as long as you know you might have to wait a few weeks to get it (author copies have not yet arrived--but soon they'll be here) The only caveat is, you must have sent me pics for the Got Men contest...and ahem...I know who you are, so no cheating.

Okay, so these are the books: Charlotte's--Addicted, Naughty Bits, Winter's Desire or Sophie's: Hot In Here, A Highlander Christmas, or...Velvet Haven.

And Ms. Moonlight, please email me at and we'll get the ball rolling on the gift certicate!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. *Drooling* O-M-G he's beautiful in a really sinful kind of way.

    Gwads that body! Those pecs! The tight abs!! That tribal band!!!! The coco rich skin color!!!! Holy Sh*t I'm in love!

    So yeah, when in this guy's book supposed to release????? *wink*

    MsM! You're awesome!! Thanks for finding this luscious eye candy and congrats on your win.

    (((HUGS))) VFG

  2. Ooooh...VERY NICE!!!! I'm loving the abs on that dude!!

    CONGRATS MSM!!! Very well deserved!!

  3. Blodeuedd, congrats on being the first to reply. I hope you enjoy Velvet Haven! And thanks for participating!

    VFG--when I saw him, I thought wow! Intense, with a carnal savagery and hunger. He's perfect! Right down to the pose, he represents everything that glutonny is.

    As for release date...I don't know. He's going to be in my next proposal though. I'm contracted to write Lust and Vanity, and then next I'm going to propose Envy and Gluttony. But you'll be seeing him in all his hedonistic glory in Lust's book.

    Barbara...he's lickable isn't he? No corpulent dude here! :)

  4. Oh wow! Thanks!
    That photo has also inspired author Kendra Leigh Castle. He's a hottie that's for sure!

    Thanks again!

    Yay Amazon loot!! *grins*