Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting Steamy With Velvet Haven

So, I've been busy writing the first draft of Velvet Haven (or VH as my my editor and I refer to it) and it's coming along well...finally. It was a bit of a trial to get Bran down. I wasn't sure about him and getting to know him was like pulling teeth. So, I sat down and did a stream of conscience writing. It's this exercise I do when I'm stuck trying to figure out what do with a character. It's a way to get to know him. Basically, I just write whatever the hell comes to mind. I become the character and just blurt out whatever he says or does.

So, I put my head down and started writing. He brought me to Annwyn, to a grove where he was doing a divination ritual. He was aroused by this vision he kept getting, and man, everything just fell into place. That bit of writing has now become the opening pages of VH.

Thankfully, I now have Bran. Interestingly, my heroines are usually the ones who give me a hard time. But Mairi, Bran's heroine has been an open book. Easy to get to know, easy to write and the perfect woman for Bran who is possessive. I Luuuuuuuv posessive males!
I envisioned Mairi looking a bit like Amy Lee from Evanescence.
I'm now at the point in the book where I know both characters well enough to write the sex. And let me tell you, their love scenes are really hot, and very emotional. There's a good connection between them. Lots of emotion and angst, too!

So, that's the update on Velvet Haven. It's coming along and once I get the okay from my editor, I'll sneak you a little bit of one of their steamy scenes, cause I know we got some hussies lurking around this place!

Have a good week. You'll find me back in Annwyn for the remainder of the week.


  1. She's BEAUTIFUL!! I love her eyes! Bran's possessive, eh? You know I love the possessive ones ;) I'm happy to hear atleast your heroine is not giving you a hard time. I'm looking forward to this book. You're really venturing out from the historicals. It must be exciting!

    And yes, I agree there are quite a few hussies roaming around blogosphere...*clears throat* Not naming any names, lol.

  2. YAY! Thanks for the update Sophie!

    *sigh* Hot emotional sex is my fave. Well, that and possessive heroes. Make that dominating possessive heroes. :)

    Wow, that pic of Amy Lee is gorgeous. I've always been envious of girls with turquise eyes and super dark hair.

    Does Bran have long hair like the male pic above??

    Oh hell yeah Sophie! Give us hussies some good and sexy scenes! Shoot, my blood is still hot from 'Hot in Here'. I'm almost finished with it and I'll email you with my thoughts afterward. So far, DAMN! :)

    Night! :) VFG

  3. Hi Barbara! I think she's beautiful, too! I love the combination of dark hair and light eyes. I've used this pic for inspiration when describing Mairi.

    Interesting that you mentioned historicals. I can't seem to get them out of my blood! lol! One of the difficulties I had was in Bran's diction. I knew it had to be contemporary, but my editor and I chatted about it and we decided that he should really be a creature of his world is old and steeped in rituals. So, it has that historical, mystical feel. So, while he looks 21st century while he's trying to blend in with mortals, he does struggle a bit with the language. Although, FU is something he picks up quickly enough! lol!
    Have no fear though, I'm still writing historicals. I'm contracted with Harlequin Spice until 2012!

    Hey VFG, thanks for stopping by. You're still steaming over Hot? Well, that's a good sign!
    Yep, lots of sexy scenes between Bran and Mairi. They have really good chemistry and Bran is ultra possessive and a bit domineering. He's King of the Sidhe and co-ruler of Annwyn so he's used to getting his own way! lol!
    Bran does have long hair. I like long hair, but It's not huge with me. Anyway, that's how Bran came. Long hair, mismatched eyes one gold, one pewter and some interesting sigils on his body's which absorb energy and create magic.
    I hope long hair is gonna work for people...it certainly works for Mairi! lol!

  4. Are you kidding me?!? Of course long hair works for me. Ever heard of Wrath??? *wink*

    Happy BDB Week!
    :) VFG

  5. I might have heard of him....lol!

    yeah, the long hair works for me, especially for Bran. Can't imagine him any other way.

    BTW, I'm having a blast over at your place. Get me started on the brother's and there's not stopping me, for real!

  6. I sent you a little Lords pressie via email too.

    :) VFG

  7. Thank the Gods! I hadn't seen the cover, and man, oh man, you have made my night!
    What a sweetheart you are!

  8. I aim to please. :) And the cover is very delicious I must say. I'm lovin' the purpleish background.

    Hey, do you know yet what 'Velvet Haven' will look like??? I'm dying over here!!

  9. Nope, not even a hint of the cover art. I know they briefed the book back in early March for the cover, but nothing yet. I'll post it as soon as I get that little jpeg.

    I do know, though, what's going to be on the cover of Sinful.....

  10. AHHHHH!!! You do??!! When can you share??? Please say soon! Oh Please!

  11. You know, I read a few vampire romances that although they were contemps, they did have that historical feel because the vampires were so old. I'm looking forward to reading Bran's story.

    2012?! Good for you!! Hopefully it will become even longer after Wallingford's story comes out ;)