Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ok, so I totally stole this fabulous picture from Ms. Moonlight's blog But how could I not???? Man, oh man, I likie!

I'm headed back to the Annwyn grove soon, and won't be coming out till I get at least 10pgs written. I'm behind, and I have to get this done because if I don't, then Sinful will get backed up, and we don't want Wallingford getting backed up! lol!

So, I'm thinking this hunk should keep us going for a bit. wanna touchie....


  1. LMAO!!! I love MsM's pics!!!

  2. Man, does she ever have a plethora, a veritable harem of man candy!I'm going to start going there for my fix! lol!

  3. Nice bunns ;) Oh man you have to go back to her old posts...I thought of your Annwyn series...wait...I'll get the link...okay, he's one. The guy at the bottom by the forrest...YUM!!!

    And another...the first guy at the top by the lake...double YUM!!! I don't know where she finds these things. I keep begging to share here secret!!

  4. PHEW!!! HAWT! Let's gang up on her and make her spill!

  5. LOL!! I've tried everything--dang it all, she's so secretive, lol! Ah, can yo blame her? She's found a pot of gold she isn't going to share the map, lol!!!

  6. Hahaha!! I thought I heard someone talking about me! *grin*
    I'm telling ya, the hunky guy photos are on the gay men blogs!
    Ya gotta read gay men blogs to find the male hotties (among other eye-popping things)! :o)

  7. LMAO!! MsM!! Yeah, uh, I can just see my hubby's face should he glance over at the computer screen, lmao!

  8. Ha Barbara! Well don't you worry, I'll research the gay mens blogs for you and post my discoveries! :o)
    We wouldn't want to stress the hubby! *grin*

  9. LOL! What is going on over here? I'm reading about gay men blogs and hot hunks! This is my kinda scene!! :)

    Ah yes, MsM. knows how to find delicious man candy. Thank god she posts some new hunks everyday or I'd be suffering from withdrawl!

    Good luck with your pages Sophie!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  10. Well, I guess I know where I'll be visiting! lol! Who would have though it? This hunk is totally my kind of dude. He's hawt!!!

    So, I see four of us in need of tramp stamp widgets...calling Barbara.....

  11. LOL! I'm on it as soon as I get back, ladies!!