Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Muse

So many things can inspire an author. For me, it's mostly just things that pop into my head. I'm not really sure where the ideas come from, there must be some well in my brain that periodically shoots up some strange thought! I never really lack for ideas. If anything,I have too many ideas that cannot rationally be coalesced into one book. This happened with Velvet Haven, which then turned into The Annwyn Chronicles.

For this series, I've been heavily inspired by the darker aspects of my research. I've also been inspired by music. Primarily, the first 60seconds of Loreena McKennitt's The Mystic's Dream. The tone is perfect for the darker aspects of the book, like magick and the sinister side of death and sex magick. In the chronciles we have Celtic shapehsifters and a Celtic goddess who rule in the Otherworld, Annwyn. We have a fallen angel who is creating chaos in the mortal realm and three human friends, who unbeknownest to them, make a sacred trine. One of them is an oracle, who's ability is needed in both Annwyn and the mortal realm. There's a quest for an amulet and a flame, as well as a Soulsteeler who is looking for a new apprentice. This apprentice is a magician who will be seduced by the Dark Arts and will either be able to save, or destroy both worlds. So, lots of conflict and little allegiance. Each side is searching for the amulet and flame for their own purposes.

This one minute of music was so inspiring, that its tone and sensuality, balanced with the dark feel vs. the singer's hauntingly beautiful voice inspired the entire first book, Velvet Haven. It always amazes me how something can do that. I mean, the whole book? But there you have it, pretty much the entire plot, as well as the overarching quest that connects the books.

So, I thought I'd might share the song with you. Here's a link for a youtube video of the song. Keep in mind it was primarlily the first minute of the song that inspired me, but the rest of the song is great, too. It's Loreena McKennitt's, The Mystic's Dream. The video has some wonderful fantasy images in it as well!

On the flip side of Loreena, the other songs I've been playing over and over while writing Velvet Haven are...

Magic Man by Heart
Control by Puddle of Mudd
Away from Me by Puddle of Mudd
Leader of Men by Nickelback
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by Nickelback
Never Again by Nickelback
Addicted by Saving Abel

Is anybody currently listening to anything? Anything put in the mood?


  1. Wow, what a beautiful song and the art work for the video was amazing!

    Since I'm on the Brotherhood kick right now I know that after I read a Brother book for the first time, I immediately turn on Evanesence (sp?). There is just something about those melodies that scream BDB to me and I feel like I can be in their world for that time while I'm listening. God, listen to me! I'm such a crazed fangirl!!

    I'm not listening to anything specific right now. I'm not a huge music fan. In fact I consider myself musically challanged. It's just never been a priority.

    Happy BDB Week!
    :) VFG

  2. Oh, I LOVE music! And I'm huge fan of Evanesence. Love My Immortal and broken with Amy Lee.

    I have very ecletic tastes! lol!

    Glad you liked the song! Don't know what it was about those first seconds but it all gelled for me during that time. Weird....

    PS. Loving the BDB week! It's got me thinking about other things than my first draft which some days rocks, and some days sucks!

  3. That song was beautiful. Alot of the music from Lord Of The Rings was just as lovely. My husband has the soundtrack to each of the movies.

    I can't imagine a day without listening to music. My car is jam packed with CD's and while I'm on the computer I'm usually always listening to something in the background.

    The only song I know above is Heart's Magic Man. I love Heart's music. Mainly their stuff from the 80's and early 90's but I do know Magic Man ;)

  4. The other stuff is really hard rockin music. It's good for tone and angst! lol!

    Never Again by Nickleback has meaning for Mairi and Control by Puddle of Mudd is the poor apprentice's, good clues there! lol!

    And totally love Magic Man, when she sings 'he's got magic hands' ah yeah!!!

  5. I am a tagalong... I did not know this was your site as Sophie!! I sure hope you don't mind if I follow you! I love the place!

    I always (this is sad to admit...***thinking of my Edward***) listen to the Twilight soundtrack. I have it saved on my computer at work and that plays ALLLL day long and the cd STAYS in my car cd player. NO ONE is allowed to take it out. The only time I listen to any other music is when my daughter is either with me or driving me!
    But I do love other music. I have almost everything you can think of on my ipod though!

  6. You're more than welcome here! Glad you liked your stay, Cecile!!

    I LOVE the Twilight soundtrack! I forget the name of the song/group, but I just finished a love scene between Mairi and Bran to tack #9. LOVE the vibe from theat song.

    And stick around, I love chatting with you!

  7. Thanks!! I will. I am trying to add you to my list, but blog is not playing nice with me right now. But determination pays off!!!

  8. Oh #9 is Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation. Awesome song. Bella's Lullaby is my fave though. Although... I do like Supermassive Black Hole by Muse... Oh hell... I love all the damn songs!

  9. Lol!!! That's it, Eyes on Fire. Wouldn't think you could write a sex scene to it, but it worked for me!!

  10. You would be surprised at what pops in the mind of *say me* when I listen to music.... I start thinking of some of the scenes I have read from books and I am like.... *that song would totally rock that sex**