Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow's Treat

Just thought I'd dangle this carrot for interested munchers. Tomorrow, May 1st, I'll be over at the Quill and Inkwell (my Charlotte Featherstone blog)giving away a few deets about Sinful and Lord Wallingford.
So if you're interested in that guy, come visit me tomorrow.

In other news, Velvet Haven is FINALLY coming together. Interestingly, I've been writing alot of sexy scenes for it this week. And a creepy scene with the Soul Steeler (he's a bad, bad magician!) I think, (keeping everything crossed) that I'm actually going to meet this deadline! Whoo Hoo!!!

Okay, till tomorrow, hussies! (said affectionately, of course!)


  1. Oh hell yeah!!! More deets on Wallingford you say?? I'm SO there!

    Hey Congrats with the writing. I love that there's going to be a whole of sexy scenes. Be still my hussy heart!!

    :) VFG

  2. YAY! I'm happy it's all coming together. I'm really so interested to see where you took this story since it's so different than your historicals!!

  3. You guys are so funny!

    Barbara, yep, lots of sex for Bran and Mairi. Those scenes were so easy to write.

    VFG, I hope you're going to like it. It is different from my historicals, but Bran has a bit of a historical sounding voice because,he's like....quite old! lol!
    see ya tomorrow

  4. I will hopefully be able to pop on over due to the alleric reaction to the work computer... I think I must have overloaded with all the hotties that we talk about... that is why I got the damn virus!!!!

    Okay, a lot of sex... is that a hussy calling... because my seventh sense must be coming out; because I will try my damnest to be there@!!!!

  5. Wow,

    What a cool blog! How have I missed this until now?

    Man :::headdesk:::

    By the way, Bryce? Yummy :)

    Best Regards

  6. hey Lea,
    nice to have you! Thanks for stopping by! I update every now and then.

    Glad you're thinking Bryce is yummy!!!!