Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Promo Quandry

One thing I've learned since being published by the bigger 'mainstream' publishers is that the romance community is so supportive. From authors, pre-published to NYT Best Selling authors, to readers, everyone loves to chat and support our favorite genre. So, I thought I'd come to you, the readers, to ask you what you're looking for when you're searching for new books or authors? What catches your eye and makes you take notice of a book?

I'm debuting my Sophie name and it's a bit harder then it was for my Charlotte name, simply because I already had a bit of a base from my small press days. But this name, as well as the genre is all new to me.

I've toyed with doing a blog tour, a book trailer, expensive ads, but just didn't know where to start. So, do book trailers work, or are they just a neat thing? Blog tours with book giveaways? Have you every bought a book or a new author based on an ad you saw on the web or in a magazine? What about a 'spread the word' campaign where people post about the book on blogs, and the poster reports back with the posts and gets entered to win a big contest prize?

Any thoughts at all? What would you like to see?


  1. Well, I'm a fan of widgets *wink* Contests are big for me...hmmm...what else...to tell you the truth alot of the authors I've never tried before I end up buying there book solely on a recommendation from other bloggers. But I do love contests :D

  2. BTW, that's "their" not there. I skipped my coffee this morning, lol.

  3. hey, no worries, I'm infamous for my typos!!!

    As a reader, my new to me authors come from recommendations as well, sometimes I though, I do pick them up if they'd gotten a good review in RT.

  4. oh, widgets...I'm loving mine, btw!!!

  5. I'm big on recommendations by other bloggers. They're just like me, similar likes and dislikes, and can usually spot a good author, writing style, use of prose, etc. to entice the reader. I really like contest too though....*grin*

    Dottie :)

  6. Hey Shophie/ Charlotte.

    I have to admit, I read what I want. I am not generally even the tiniest bit turned off by a negative review - as different people like different things about a book.

    My only input to your question would be.

    1. Be creative in your marketing and how you filter your book release. while you want your book to get a good loud shout on the net - some people including myself are turn off by a saturation of the net by the "review" of the book.

    Notice i said review, seeing blurbs and blogs pimping the book, only push me more to buy the book. Seeing the review branded left right and centre is a big turn off for me, as there will be too much mixed opinion - so rather than chance it - quite a few of my friend would rather not buy it.

    The trailer is a hit and miss with me, as a big part of reading is the fact that I can build up my own image of the protags without any influence from a trailer. I know it's two faced to say that as most cover have an "assumed" hero or heroine on the cover (that is y i love minimalistic covers).

    I have never watched a trailer and I doubt I will be watching one in the near future.

    The mixed review with Barbs and VFG was brilliant. (i even copied the idea) That is a good way to get the ball rolling.

    Remember this is only my opinion as a reader.

    Have a great evening
    Merry part .


  7. E.H, your imput is valid, and your thoughts have struck a cord with me. It's a fine line this promotion thing. I never really did it before with my small press stuff, but now it's all different. I'm afraid I'm liking those NY contracts and want them to keep coming! lol!!

    That said, the best promotion is to keep cranking out those books, and to make them good ones.

    I'm thinking of hiring a publicist, but I'm not sure...still thinking.

  8. From what I've seen that's worked for me as far as purchasing the book are "Spread the Word" campaigns, Widgets and Blog Tours.

    "Spread the Word" with a Widget works really well especially if you're offering some great prizes so it can become costly I think. But worth it also.

    A Blog Tour is more inexpesive because you don't necessarily have to give anything away it's more like a "Hey, check me out really quick" kinda thing. But you do need to find a lot of blogs that'll work with you and you need to be available for Q&A so I guess it can become time consuming.

    Book trailers - YUCK! Sorry, I just always find them to be corny and I generally skip them. Although I have added them to my review in the past if I see it on the authors website. But in general, I no likie...

    Me and Barbara already talked about doing a joint thing again for HIH. Nothing set in stone but I'm sure we'll plan something good. :)

    Anyway, hope that helped!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  9. OH, you guys make me laugh. Wanna be publicists???

    Personally, I don't like trailers but I see a lot of writers have them and I've always wondered if I was the weirdo by not liking them! The spread the word thing I'm thinking of doing....It won't be that much money. You should see what it costs to advertise in in magazines and such!!!

    Thanks for ALL the imput!